Hate Christmas cards? Send crop circle postcards instead!Use them to wish everyone on your list a happy Christmas, Hanukkah or Solstice. This is the season of miracles and magic and these beautiful full-color photographs are a reminder that wonders are all around us. We’ve got other great Christmas ideas too. Keep reading…

So many of you’ve asked for a discount on Lucy Pringle’s crop circle postcards, we’ve lowered the price for Christmas from $34.95 to $30! This is almost $10 off the cost of separate sets of postcards at the regular price,click here.

Another perfect gift is Wayne Dyer?s wonderful book, ?10 Secrets for Success & Inner Peace.? This is a small book with beautifully designed covers. Inside, Wayne has distilled all his knowledge down into a form that?s easy to remember and put into practice in your own life. Was $11.40, now $10.40,click here.

An item that many of you ordered along with Dyer?s book: Steven Halpern?s extraordinary new CD of healing music, ?Inner Peace.? Halpern says his music heals both spiritually and physically, which is just what we need for Christmas. Was $14.95, now $13.95,click here.

A great Christmas gift every year is the newest Cropcircle Calendar. Our 2003 calendar is filled with beautiful images of cropcircles, all taken by English researcher Lucy Pringle. Was $23.50, now $22.50,click here.

William Henry’s new book “Cloak of the Illuminati” has an introductory price of $24.95, that will go up to $29.95 after the holidays. This book is so popular that it’s already being reprinted, so plenty will be available for Christmas giving,click here.

Whitley Strieber?s new book ?The Path” is sold exclusively on this website, and contains 30 years of work and wisdom, presented in an accessible way that can help anyone get on ?The Path.? Autographed copies are still available. Was $19.95, now $18.95, click here.

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