England is much more haunted than the U.S. In one town, residents believe a ghost is to blame for a series of accidents on a nearby road. They think the ghost from a road accident 60 years ago could be haunting a stretch of road near Bromyard in Herefordshire. A farmer says 26 drivers have crashed into his fence in the same place over the last 18 months, and some drivers report the sensation of having their steering wheels pulled from their hands.

Richard James was in the local pub when a man he had never seen before approached him, saying, “Don’t worry, no one will die there.? The mystery man, who claimed to be psychic, told him a woman had died on the road in the 1920s or ’30s after a struggle over the steering wheel. James says, ?It was a strange conversation and it really freaked me out.”

In 2002, Neil Redding lost control of his car on the road and crashed through the farmer?s fence. “I don’t know what it was as I wasn’t going fast by any means,? he says. “I couldn’t believe it. The farmer turned up and said ?not another one!??

Carole Surman says, ?I can’t understand it. There are no skid marks?people roll their cars but no one ever gets hurt and it’s always in exactly the same place. Until we know what’s causing these accidents we can’t stop them from happening.”

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