A month ago, the discovery of an extremely strange virus was found in Chile. Now a strange and magnificent web has been discovered in the Amazon basin, possibly the most intricate and beautifully engineered web ever found. Norman Platnick, an arachnologist and Peter J. Solomon Family Curator of the invertebrate zoology department of the American Museum of Natural History, told Live Science "I have no idea what animal made that."

The structure is centered on a graceful tower that is held up by delicate web ‘ropes,’ elegantly cantilevered. It is surrounded by stakes made of thickened web and further protected by web fencing. The central structure appears to be an egg casing.

There are many unknown species in the tropics. A survey of arthropods in Panama, for example, turned up 25,000 species, 70% of which were not identified.

But with a web like this, and a virus as strange as Pandoravirus Salinus, who knows where they may be coming from?

We will let you know when the egg hatches!

For a large, detailed photo of the web, click here.

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