The government-backed French and Chilean UFO study groups have formally agreed to co-operate on UFO research. Both countries have long had a policy of openness regarding the UFO question, and now an agreement has been reached to share information and resources to further understanding of the UFO mystery. Representatives of the French UFO study group GEIPAN (French Group for Studies and Information on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena) and the Chilean study group CEFAA (Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena) met together at the 2013 on Official and Scientific of UFOs in Greensboro, North Carolina June 29 and 30, and agreed that there were many areas of mutual interest on which they could co-operate.

Both organizations have government involvement and co-operation. GEIPAN was created in 1977 as part of the French space agency CNES. CEFAA is part of the Chilean equivalent of the US FAA. Both organizations share the same mission, which is to help the authorities understand the nature of unexplained objects which appear regularly in Earth’s skies, some of which give the appearance of being under intelligent control.

Both organizations are controversial in their home countries, but both nevertheless investigate the UFO phenomenon at a high level of scientific finish and credibility. It is to be hoped that this new level of co-operation will soon include other countries. The US Air Force continues to reject any idea that UFOs are an unknown phenomenon or worth study. The British Ministry of Defense says that they are of no defense significance.

The video accompanying this article is part of a presentation made by General Ricardo Bermudez, Director of CEFAA, at the 2013 International UFO Conference in Phoenix.

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