There are conflicting reports about whether we hit Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in an early bombing attack on his house. One intelligence report says he was injured and is no longer functioning as commander of the government or the war. U.S. intelligence sources say they have not detected any communications from him since Wednesday. “The last thing a leader like Saddam Hussein wants to show is that he is incommunicado and no longer in control,” one of them says. “But that is exactly what has happened over the last 36 hours. He has not shown any signs of life.” One report says he was seen being taken out of his Baghdad home on a stretcher, with an oxygen mask over his face, after his house was struck by cruise missiles on Wednesday. Yet Saddam appeared on Iraqi television hours after the strike against him, so how could he be injured? Was it really Saddam making the speech, or one of his body doubles?or was it taped before the strike against him? (His mistress says it wasn’t him on the tape).

The Pentagon says Iraqi resistance around Baghdad is lighter and less coordinated than they expected and could reflect the absence of a central commander. It’s believed that one or both of Saddam’s sons were also his home when it was struck. Saddam and his advisers were believed to be sleeping inside a “hardened bunker” beneath the ground floor.

But if we got Saddam, then who’s on that video? The man who gave the speech wore glasses, and looked puffy, old and tired, unlike Saddam?s healthy appearance on another video three days earlier. The CIA says it WAS Saddam, after conducting voice analysis of the speech and using computer algorithms to compare the speaker’s face with known images of Saddam. They also studied a second video which showed him meeting with his Cabinet members hours after the attack. They say the man giving the speech was the real Saddam, without his contacts, his make-up, or a good night’s sleep.

Dieter Buhmann, a German pathologist who has studied hundreds of photographs of Saddam, agrees with the CIA and says he’s almost certain the man who appeared on Iraqi TV was Saddam. He’s measured and mapped Saddam’s mustache and eyebrows, and says he uses at least three different doubles.

But wait?his mistress of 30 years, Parisoula Lampsos, says the man who appeared on TV was NOT Saddam. She’s correctly picked out Saddam from his doubles more than a dozen times. She says the real Saddam has an unusual tattoo?two dots on his left hand that he got in prison years ago. But his eyes are the real giveaway. She says, “You can change your teeth, everywhere. But the eyes, no.”

However, he could have made the videos before the war started, in order to confuse his enemies. There are reports that Saddam pre-recorded several speeches to air during fighting. He read the date?March 20?during his speech, but he could have made several contingency videos, giving different dates. He did not specifically mention the attack on him or say other things that would prove the video was recorded after the attacks.

Whether we have war or peace, there’s a secret group that controls everything that goes on in this world?at least that’s what Jim Marrs says.

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