The poison ricin has been found inside a locker at the Gare de Lyon railway station in Paris. Ricin, a toxin found in castor beans, is 6,000 times more powerful than cyanide and can be ingested or inhaled. Officials say there were “two vials with a powder, a bottle filled with a liquid and two smaller bottles also containing a liquid” in the locker. The powder turned out to be iron perchloride, which is used for explosives, and there was also a small bottle of cyanide. French police had been watching the locker where the ricin was found, and hoped to arrest the terrorist when he came back to open it, but no one arrived.

Chemical analysis showed the ricin matches traces of ricin that were found during a raid on a London apartment in January. One of the seven suspects arrested during that raid had gone to an al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan. The London ricin was linked to a Kurdish extremist group in northern Iraq called Ansar al-Islam, which is known to have ties to al-Qaeda. Police think the terrorists may also have connections with Chechnya. It’s thought they may have been planning to attack on the Russian embassy in Paris, to revenge the deaths of Chechens who staged the Moscow theatre siege last October.

Thank goodness bioweapons are not one of the seven experiments that could change the world. Forget your fears and have fun with Whitley’s fascinating interview with Maurice Cotterell on Dreamland this Saturday! Cotterell has always been one of our most popular guests.

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