A family of farmers in the Mexican state of Chihuahua say the mysterious vampire-like creatures known as ?chupacabras? or ?goat suckers? killed and sucked the blood of more than 60 of their sheep in the weeks before Halloween.

Notimex, the state news agency, reported that Ramiro Parra Gonzalez discovered 35 dead sheep. All were found without a drop of blood in their bodies, similar to cattle mutilations, and with two small bite marks on their necks. Parra Gonzalez says he heard the dogs that sleep in his fields every night to guard his flock begin to howl around midnight. A few minutes later he heard them running for their lives. ?I thought it was probably a fox,? he says.

The mysterious attacks started on October 10 when Parra Gonzalez?s brother, Francisco, returned to his fields after lunch to find the lifeless, bloodless bodies of 12 sheep and one pig. On the morning of October 25, another relative, Martin Parra Orpinel, found 16 of his sheep dead and another 14 badly injured. All had been bitten on the neck and had mysteriously lost a lot of blood.

A local police spokesman says authorities are investigating all three incidents.Reports of chupacabra attacks spread across Latin America several years ago, though many officials dismissed the reports, saying animals were being killed by wolves, dogs or coyotes. Chupacabras seem to target Spanish-speaking countries, although attacks have been reported in Texas.

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