A group of British explorers say they?ve found irrefutable proof of a ?Yeti-like? creature on an Indonesian island. They discovered a footprint and hair samples of a primate whichhas long been known in the mythology of tribes in Western Sumatra.

Andrew Sanderson, Adam Davies and Keith Towley spent three weeks in the rainforeststracking a creature called Orang Pendek, which means ?Little Man of the Forest.? Sightings describe the creature as 5 feet tall with chocolate-brown and orange hair. It?s distinguishing feature is its humanlike gait. It walks upright on its back legs without using its front fists, as a Gorilla does.

A digital image of the footprint has been sent to Colin Groves, a professor of primatology at the University of Canberra. The hair samples are being sent to the microbiology unit at Oxford University. It?s hoped that DNA testing will prove the this is a previously unknown primate, perhaps the ?missing link? between the great apes and man.

Cryptozoologist Sanderson says, ?Over the years there have been many sightings of the Yeti, but no one has actually come up with any concrete evidence. We seem to be the first people to do that.

?We didn?t see the creature ourselves but we tracked it for several weeks and we managed to make a plaster cast of one of its footprints. It is absolutely perfect and experts are already beginning to get excited about it.?

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