Let’s take a break from high intensity Dreamlands and go on a road trip this week. But—whoa—it’s with Nick Redfern, and isn’t he, well, a monster hunter? He is indeed, and fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride as we traverse the narrow mountain roads of Puerto Rico in search of the legendary goat-sucker.
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For over thirteen years, Unknown Country has been researching and bringing you news on the subject of the mysterious chupacabra, an anomalous creature which has been witnessed across all South America, Puerto Rico and some parts of the US including California, Maryland, Texas and Utah.

‘Chupacabra’ is a Spanish word which means literally ‘to suck goat’; the creature is known as the ‘goat sucker’ due to the fact that it is reputed to kill by piercing the skin of its prey – usually sheep or goats – and draining their blood. From the puncture wounds found on the exsanguinated carcasses of its victims, it appears that the chupacabra actually possesses vampire-style ‘fangs’.
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A video taken by a motorist in South Texas reveals that the gait, tail, rear hips and nose of an unknown creature that is becoming more common to the area probably isn’t a coyote. Previously, many biologists had assumed that the creature was a coyote with a disease called sarcoptic mange (scabies), but this animal does not move like a coyote and its long nose and gait are not consistent with the changes seen in coyotes with the disease.read more

Times are tough in Texas. First, there was the Elmendorf Beast, a hairless coyote-like animal found dead in Elmendorf, Texas. Whitley Strieber had its DNA analyzed, and there were two conflicting reports, one that it was unknown and another that it was a coyote. A biologist who examined it said that its head was not that of a coyote. Another observer thought that its bone structure had been distorted by disease, and that it was indeed a coyote with sarcoptic mange.read more