As the south central Atlantic was lashed by fierce weather,torrential downpours killed nearly a hundred people inChina, caused large-scale evacuations and threatened massiveflooding. The fierce Chinese weather came during one of themost active typhoon seasons on record, with 17 of thesePacific hurricanes recorded so far this year, and the seasonstill with four to six weeks to go.

Typhoons have caused damage and death in China, Japan, thePhililipines and the Pacific island nations. Heavy rains andfloods have affected large areas of China since June, withhundreds dead and thousands injured.

The current storms have caused the evacuation of 450,000 inSichuan Province, with the destruction of 127,000 homes, inaddition to the loss of life. Since June, it is estimatedthat weather events have left more than two million Asianshomeless and destroyed the equivalent of eight million acresof crops.

The whole western Pacific area remains disturbed, withstorms and rainfall up and down the entire area.

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