We have been following the saga of themysteriousfires that have broken out spontaneously in Sicily?amystery that has never been solved. Now it turns out thatthis has been happening in Africa as well.

Oswald Shivute writes in The Namibian that churches in thevillage of Oshoogolo in Namibia have been holding prayervigils to try to chase away the mysterious fires at the homeof an 85-year-old woman named kuku Kakaya. When she moved toher daughter’s house to get away from them, the fires brokeout there as well.

Some of the Italians who experienced the fires blameddemonic elements, despite the fact that the fires are beinginvestigated by scientists. The Africans are torn betweenthe advice given by the local church and by their nativeshaman.

Kuku Kakaya says, “I don’t know what to do now because allefforts to assist me are being threatened by this demon’sfires?It seems that life will be difficult for me on earth,if things with me are going on like this.”

Real magic doesn’t burn up people?s homes. Real magic is aseasy as?beinga bee!

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