Tropical Storm Ian has rapidly intensified into a hurricane as he approaches the U.S, and a Florida forecaster warns that it could be the storm of a “lifetime.” On Monday (September 26), evacuation orders were issued for some military personnel and residents as Ian whipped 80-mph winds and drew closerread more

I am sometimes asked how I predicted the collapse of the climate so accurately. My answer is simple: I didn’t deny reality. Now, as I watch the horrific fires in Siberia and the Pacific Northwest, the devastating floods in Europe, and the agonizing destruction caused by the latest superstorm, Hurricaneread more

Super Typhoon Yutu, packing sustained winds of 180 miles an hour and likely producing gusts at or above 200 MPH is hammering the Northern Mariana Islands. It is the strongest storm to form on Earth so far in 2018 and is hitting Tinian, Saipan and Rota. It is the most powerful storm ever to stirike the Northern Marianas  and is among the strongest tropical cyclones recorded in modern times. It is similar in strength to Super Typhoon Haiyan which killed thousands of people in the city of Tacloban in the Philippines in 2013. Because the storm is moving through and area with light upper level winds it is traveling slowly. Because it is over an area of extremely warm water, it could continue to intensify. 
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