A huge system of caves, chambers and tunnels is hidden beneath the Pyramids of Giza, which could reveal the lost secrets of the pharaohs.

In Discovery News, Rossella Lorenzi quotes this week’s Dreamland guest Andrew Collins as saying, “Ancient funerary texts clearly allude to the existence of a subterranean world in the vicinity of the Giza pyramids. Indeed, Giza was known anciently as Rostau, meaning the “mouth of the passages. This is the same name as a region of the ancient Egyptian underworld known as the Duat. The ‘mouth of the passages’ is unquestionably a reference to the entrance to a subterranean cave world, one long rumored to exist beneath the plateau.”

Edgar Cayce talked about secret chambers underneath Egyptian artifacts and in his 1817 memoirs, British explorer Henry Salt writes about finding an underground system of catacombs in Giza. This newly-rediscovered cave system is guarded by poisonous bats and spiders. Lorenzi quotes Collins as saying, “There is untouched archaeology down there, as well as a delicate ecosystem that includes colonies of bats and a species of spider which we have tentatively identified as the white widow.”

Not surprisingly, Egyptian Antiquities chief Zahi Hawass says, “There are no new discoveries to be made at Giza. We know everything about the plateau.”

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