Don’t say we didn’t warn you: Powerful storms crossed the central and northeastern US as Hurricane Bill became an ‘extremely dangerous’ storm in the South Atlantic. So far this year, the US tornado season has been relatively mild, but it threatened to increase in intensity today as powerful storms struck from Colorado to New York.New York’s Central Park lost over a hundred trees to 80 MPH winds, one of the strongest storms to strike the park in years. Meanwhile, Hurricane Bill increased in strength to a Category 4 storm and was expected to strengthen further as it continues to move north and west toward the US East Coast.

Hurricane Bill has reached Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpsonscale. Category 4 hurricanes generate winds of 133-155 mph,and are described as extremely dangerous storms capable ofcausing devastating damage. The storm could cause dangerous rip tides all along the US east coast, and is expected to make landfall as a much weakened Category 2 or 3 storm in Newfoundland next week. However, if it turns into the Caribbean or strikes the southeastern US, it could evolveinto a catastrophic storm.

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