A study by German scientists shows that people with blonde hair are an endangered species and will become extinct by 2202. Soon only the bottle blondes will remain, because too few people now carry the recessive gene for blonde hair. In order for a child to have blonde hair, it must receive the right gene from both sides of the family in the grandparents’ generation. They predict the last truly natural blonde will be born in Finland, which has the highest proportion of blondes.

Increased travel and immigration is bringing darker-haired people into countries where blondes once predominated. When the gene pools mix, darker hair wins out and there are fewer natural blondes born.

The researchers blame bottle blondes for the problem, since their perfect-looking color appeals to men more than the variations of naturally blonde hair. However, Scottish researcher Jonathan Rees doesn?t think that natural blondes will die out completely. “Genes don’t die out unless there is a disadvantage of having that gene or by chance. They don’t disappear,” he says. “The only reason blondes would disappear is if having the gene was a disadvantage and I do not think that is the case. The frequency of blondes may drop but they won’t disappear.”

Clairol hair dye used to have an ad that asked the question, ?Does she?or doesn?t she?? Soon it will no longer be a question?we?ll know she does.

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