The German TV network ZDF has made a scientific study of 450 photographs of Saddam Hussein and they think he has at least three doubles. Working with a coroner, they looked at photographs and film clips of Saddam and used facial recognition technology to determine which ones were really Saddam and which were his stand-ins. “In the film sequences since 1998 only the doubles appear,” says coroner Dieter Buhmann. “He himself has not been seen again.”

A former Iraq intelligence official has described how he recruited doubles for Saddam.”It was a practice started for security reasons because Saddam traveled a lot at the time and had contact with the public,” he says.

ZDF says it?s hard to tell the real Saddam from his doubles. In order to identify him, they focussed on details like the size of ears and hands. “They have apparently undergone surgery to appear to look like the statesman,” ZDF says. “The doubles have mastered Saddam’s gestures and perfectly mimic Saddam, with only tiny details separating them from the real Saddam Hussein.”

If we invade Iraq, we?d better make sure we get the real guy. This raises a question: Could the real Saddam actually have been killed in the FIRST Gulf War, and we?ve seen only stand-ins since then? Pretending people are still alive seems to be a specialty of Middle Eastern disinformation, which drags out old videos of Osama bin-Laden, who is probably dead, at regular intervals. Let?s hope we don?t go to war just to take out a stand-in.

We may not know which Saddams are fake, but we know which crop circles are. Researcher Eltjo Haselhoff shows you how to tell the difference in his beautifully illustrated book, ?The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles,?click here.

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