It started with the original Viking Lander missions in theseventies: one of the life detection projects providedalmost unequivocal evidence that life was present in thesoil of Mars.

Instead of even entertaining the notion that the tests mighthave indicated life, NASA literally jumped through hoops todeny their validity.

More recently, two NASA scientists were allegedly about topublish a letter in Nature stating that there was apossibility of life on Mars. NASA raced to deny this “rumor.”

Even though NASA ishostile tothe idea of life existing on Mars,European scientists are much more rational about thepossibility, and now a prominent Italian planetologist saysgases in the atmosphere of Marsmay indicate that life exists on the Red Planet today.

BBC news reports reports that Vittorio Formisano says thatmethane and formaldehyde could be signs biological activity,although only a thorough soil analysis can prove it. Themethane on Mars is especially interesting, because the gasis quickly broken down by sunlight. Therefore, for methaneto be detected in the Martian atmosphere, it must be beingconstantly replenished in some way. The most likely waywould be through emissions from living microbes.

Skeptics says the source of the methane is volcanoes thatare producing the gas; however there is far morelife-related evidence on Mars than there is of active volcanoes.

NASA has always been incredibly skeptical about UFOsightings, even when some of them have come from their ownastronauts! They seem to be skeptical about the existence oflife on other planets in general?but why? It could bebecause they unconsciously think that the discovery ofnon-human life elsewhere in space diminishes the importanceof human beings. If that’s the case, it’s an extremelyunprofessional stance to take?one that will limit NASA’sability to explore the galaxy in the future.

Perhaps it’stime for a new International Space Exploration Agency to beformed that would be funded by a consortium of interestednations and have the clear goal of exploring space. Such anagency would not suffer from the constraints of having tobend its charter, as NASA must, to conceal classifiedmilitary operations that it participates in, and NASA couldthen be devoted entirely to support of American militaryactivities in space, which has been the goal of three of thelast four administrations anyway.

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