Osama bin Laden has been located, but is in an area ofPakistan that the government cannot reach because the entirepopulation is hostile to the central authority. John Lehman,a member of the 911 Commission said in a speech yesterdaythat bin Laden had definitely been found.

Lehman was Secretary of the Navy during the Reaganadministration, and was among the 10 members of the 911commission.

While delivering a speech on terrorism at Pitzer College inClaremont, Lehman said that bin Laden is in Baluchistan, inSouth Vaziristan, in Pakistan. However, US troops are unableto enter the region due to the fact that a substantial forceis needed, and the US military is already overextended dueto the wars in Iraq and Pakistan.

Our correspondent also reports Mr. Lehman commented that binLaden still receives a milion dollars a year from his familyin Saudi Arabia, a surprising statement given the publicstatements the Saudi Government has made to the effect thatit is serious about fighting terrorism. The bin Laden familyremains involved in many enterprises in the US.

According to a passenger manifest released in July by the911 Commmission, members of the bin Laden family wereallowed to leave the US on a special flight without beingquestioned.

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