UFOs are sometimes identified as “Earthquake Lights,” but arecurring, long-duration and high altitide over the SantaCruz Mountains in California does not seem to fit that category.

The object was well above the horizon, and earthquake lightstypically manifest close to the ground, along stressingfault lines. They do not necessarily mean that an earthquakeis immiment.

James Gilliland of ECETI.com, writes:

“At 7:30 on Thursday, Oct. 21st a golden light was seenhovering over theSanta Cruz mountains in Northern California. It was about30 degrees on thehorizon as being observed from the beach just South of MtMadona. Therewere several witnesses including my brother, Jay Gilliland. People werelined up along the coast observing the object which appearedseveral monthsago in the same location. It was golden light which seemed translucent.There were no strobes, red or green running lights which arestandard onother aircraft. It was a quarter the size of the moon. Ithovered what wasestimated to be directly over the fault line for around 20minutes. Whileobserving the light it became brighter changing from goldento bright whitethen just disappeared. There was no mention in any of thelocal papers ornews media despite quite a few eyewitnesses. This has been a reccurringevent”

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