Persistent rumors in the international community suggestthat Israel, possibly with the help of the US, is about toattack and destroy the part of Iran’s nuclear infrastructurethat is capable of producing nuclear weapons.

Officially, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom has been tellingconcerned nations that Israel has ruled out the militaryapproach as the first line of action, and is claiming thathe believes that diplomatic efforts are working.

However, diplomatic efforts are not working. Iran haspersistently refused to co-operate and appears to be workinghard to create a nuclear weapon. Because of Israel’s smallsize, even a relatively primitive nuclear bomb could,essentially, destroy the country.

The military option is now thought to be under seriousconsideration because of the successful test of a Shahab 3Missile by Iraq last Wednesday. This missile is capable ofreaching not only Israel from Iran, but most of Western Europe.

After the test, the Foreign Ministry issued this statement”Iran?s nuclear program and its missile project is a threatnot only to us but the entire world community and we haveworked to draw everyone?s attention to it. Everyone needs tothink about it and look for possible solutions as it can hitany European city, including Berlin, London and Paris.”

Iran said today that it will never abandon nuclearenrichment, but that it may “suspend” some nuclear weaponsresearch. European countries have reacted, saying that thisis not an acceptable statement. Nuclear weapons developmentmust be halted by Iran.

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