Whitley Strieber had a youthful friendship with one of theauthors of the controversial Swiftboat ad campaign. Hewrites: “The mastermind behind the Swiftboat commercialspresently causing such controversy is Houston lawyer JohnEllis O’Neill. John and I were close friends at CentralCatholic High School in San Antonio, between 1960 and 1963.We were debaters and often debated as partners, sometimes asopponents.” So what does Whitley think of the ads? To find out,click here.

Do you believe John Kerry deserves his Vietnam medals? Votein our new poll.Keep reading to learn the results of our last poll.

Last time we asked your political affiliation. We found outthat 18.5% of you are Conservative Republicans and just over17% are Liberal Democrats. Over 8% are Moderate Republicansand almost 11% are Moderate Democrats. 20% areIndependents, 10% are Libertarian, over 4% are members ofthe Green Party, 2% are for Ralph Nader and less than half aper cent are members of the Reform Party. About 9% are”Other.” Since we are a Centrist website?meaning we see thebad side (and the good side?) of each party?this works outabout right, since it looks as if our readers are almostevenly divided.

One thing that unites everyone is a goodsale.

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