George Naruns is of Latvian background and speaks fluentLatvian. He is also in business in Latvia and the UnitedStates, and has has a 25 year fascination with EdLeedskalnin’s mysterious CoralCastle in Flordia.

George believes that a Latvian man, John Leedskalnin whocould be related to Ed, may also have the secret of theCoral Castle.

Both Ed and John make use of a simple tripod arrangementof poles to lift very large tonnage. Ed’s lifting device canbe compared to John’s by looking at the two pictures in thisarticle. John says that he could lift as much as ten tonswith his, using only a block and tackle placed in the apexof the tripod.

Is this simple device the whole secret of Ed Leedskalnin’sCoral Castle. Well, possibly. There remain the questions ofhow the coral blocks were moved once they were raised. Thereis no evidence that Ed possessed any device capable ofmoving, for example, the Polaris Telescope, which weighs inat 30 tons, the equivalent of 24 2,500 pound cars, all movedat once.

The idea that he must have used rollers is not tenablebecause a large number of wooden rollers would have beenrequired for this and the rest of the structure, and no suchrollers have been found.

Ed’s tripod is certainly a part of the mystery. Buthe said that his real secret was too powerful to reveal toan unprepared world. At present, unless it can be provedthat blocks the size of Ed’s can be quarried, lifted andmoved with equipment like the triangle and rollers, themystery of Coral Castle remains.

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