The spread of COVID-19 in mainland China has become “impossible” to track, according to the country’s top health authority, with case numbers rising precipitously since the end of October, prompting local health authorities to abandon their recording of asymptomatic cases as part of their daily counts. This new wave ofread more

At a time when we have come close to losing our republic and with it our freedom, it is important to remember why it has lasted as long as it has. This is because the American two party system is in close concord with the way the founding fathers designedread more

People often ask me if the visitors take an interest in things like warfare and politics. I cannot speak for them, but I can offer my observations. First, they have never given me any indication that they have any interest at all in our political life.

However, they do take a direct interest in two things: nuclear conflict and the environment. I know this because they have appeared at a number of missile sites but in the US and Russian, and possibly in Iran. They have repeated an environmental warning not only to me but to thousands of other close encounter witnesses. In fact, it counts as the one consistent message that they offer.
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Unknowncountry is not a political website, but in politically charged times like these, the site is being held to political account. So I’d like to outline exactly where it does stand.
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