Two million people in the US have taken a test that issupposed to reveal whether or not you are prejudiced againstpeople of other races. It’s a five-minute test that you takeover the internet. To take this test,clickhere.

Lucy Wilkins writes in that the test is beingpromoted in the UK as part of the publicity campaign for theplay “A Patch of Blue,” based on the Sydney Poitier film ofthe same name, in which a blind white woman falls in lovewith a black man.

Here’s how the test works: you put positive and negativewords, such as “failure” and “wonderful” into categories of”good” and “bad,” then do the same thing with images ofblack and white faces. Because you have to work so quickly,your responses will reveal how you really feel, since youdon’t have time to think of the “correct” response.

Other versions of this test include finding out if you hategay people or fat people.

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