We recentlyreported that when Mars rovers examined fiveancient Martian craters that form a ring-like “equator”around the middle of the planet, NASA decided these musthave been formed when a giant asteroid broke apart and itsfragments all slammed into the planet. If this theory iscorrect, this “ring” could be the place where we should lookfor the water?and life?that astronomers suspect may behidden beneath the surface of Mars. The websitethunderbolts.info points out that the ridge around Saturn’smoon Iapetus is similar to the ring around Mars, as well asto some of the equatorial ridges of craters found on Earth.

Astronomers say that Saturn’s moon Iapetus came from thesame cloud of interstellar dust that eventually formed theSun, the planets and their moons. But this doesn’t explainIapetus, because the large ridge around its equator doesn’tfit with the theory of clouds collapsing due to gravity.Also, it’s doubtful that there has ever been life onSaturn’s moon.

Small round objects called “concretions” have been found inthe Southwestern US, as well as in South and CentralAmerica. According to current theories, these would havebeen formed during the same process that formed the planetsout of dust?even though concretions are much smaller. Thelarger the object, the stronger the gravity, and the greaterthe tendency for the object to be round. This why moons areround, while asteroid rarely are.

Physicist C.J. Ransom has created small spheres in hislaboratory by zapping various types of powdered rock withelectrical sparks. Some of these spheres are remarkablysimilar to the “blueberries” that have been seen on thesurface of Mars.

All of this evidence is making some astronomers doubt thatlife travels through space on the backs of asteroids. Somaybe we aren’t really “Martians” after all.

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