Unknowncountry.com reader Sandy Nichols discovered aftertaking some photographs of his new house that he had anunusually convincing orb photograph.

Skeptics assume that orbs, which have been photographed moreand more frequently in recent years, but rarely withanything except digital cameras, must be distortions of somekind caused by the photographic process. Many orbs arephotographed during periods when the air is humid, andprobably are process effects.

However, this particular object appeared inside a house andhappened by coincidence to be photographed through thewindow. This means that the size of the object and itsappoximate distance from the camera lens can be determined.

This is Sandy Nichols’ description of the event:

I believe that I may have made one of the best orb photosever taken. It has depth, measurable distance away from thecamera lens, located inside a house while I was on theoutside, and the orb is large. I took this photo Thursdayafternoon. I believe that is has everything that is neededto dispel that orbs are nothing more than just a flying bug,a dust particle, moisture, or an illusion. My wife and I are building a new home, about 85% complete. Iarrived alone at the house around 6:30 pm on April 14, 2005.I chatted with some of the workers for 30 minutes or so,then went inside the house and locked it up after they haddeparted. I checked every room in the house before I lockedthe doors just to be on the safe side. There was absolutelyno one in the house when I locked the doors… I walked slowly around the house looking at it one moretime, then I headed to my car to drive back to where we areliving now while the house is being built, then I suddenlygot a feeling to take some photos around the outside of thehouse. I grabbed one of my digital cameras, a new CannonG-6, 7 megapixels.

I began taking photos first around the front and side of thehouse, then made my way around to the back of the house. Outof 33 total photos taken, 8 were of the back of the houseand around the back of the house and around the pool house.

After I had taken one of the eight photos I heard whatsoundede like footsteps inside the house, plus what soundedlike someone moving one of the metal portable heaters acrossthe floor. Since I knew that no one was in the house, Ifigured it was just one of my ghost buddies fooling around.

After this thought, I suddenly got the feeling to take somephotos directly of the back of the house where I heard thenoises in the hope that maybe I could catch an image of whatmade the noises. I did, and when I returned home and loadedthe photos into my computer, it was then that I saw the orb… The large window you see divided into three sections and thedoor to the left, open into the family room. The back porchyou see in the photo is 16 feet deep at this point. Theyellow tape is to keep people off the back porch while thestamped epoxy covering the subfloor concrete dries. I amstanding 2 to 3 feet away from the porch taking the photo.The orb before zooming in is rather hard to see off hand. Imissed seeing it the first time around, then saw it a fewminutes later when I was taking a more detailed look at eachindividual photo by zooming in… Each window and door in the house is custom built. Eachpiece of glass in the large window and door is a separatepane of glass, separated by the wooden mullions. The orb islocated in the middle section of the large window betweenthe 1st and 2nd lateral mullion from the bottom on the lowerhalf of the window. The orb is large enough to be seenthrough two separate panes of glass with a mullion obscuringalmost the dead center of the orb in a vertical line… The key points for this orb not being a dust particle, abug, moisture or an illusion are these… The first key point… The distance I am standing away from the orb…16 feet depthof back porch at this point, I am standing 2 to 3 feet awayfrom the back porch, the outside walls of the house is builtwith 2 x 6’s, then the thickness of the brick, minus thewindow center to the width of the wall…places me 19 to 20feet away from the Orb… The second key point… The vertical mullion dividing the orb almost dead center andobscuring the center of the orb, places the orb without anydoubt whatsoever inside the house… The third key point… The AC/heating system has not been connected to any of thethree main breaker boxes. All windows are double pane andsealed, and every window in the house was locked. Threedoors leading to three separate attic spaces were shut, aswas every outside door shut and locked. The dampers areclosed on the two wood burning fireplaces in the house, andthe vent for the gas fireplace in the kitchen is shut. I wasthe last person in the house, and when I took this photo Ihad been out of the house for a good 40 minutes. So all inall, the house was shut up tighter than a drum. Any dustparticles I stirred up locking the house should have settledby the time I took the photo… The fourth key point… A minute or so before I took this photo I heard thedistinctive sound of footsteps walking across the floor andsomething metal being dragged across the floor… The fifth key point… Of the 33 photos taken around the outside of the house, 20of the photos had orb in them, and each of these photos hadmultiple orbs of various size and brilliance… The skeptics and debunkers, no matter what proof they see inmy photo, will still say that the Orb is either a flyingbug, dust particles, moisture, or an illusion. If the Orb isa flying bug or dust particle, then either one would have tobe about 8 to 10 inches in diameter. If it is just a drop ofmoisture and it was falling because no water droplet thatbig can hover in midair, then part of my hardwood floor inthe family room will be ruined. If it is just an illusioncaused by the camera, the lens, the lighting or whatever,then I want the skeptics and the debunkers to explain to mehow a mullion separating two panes of glass can obscure thecenter of an illusion.

If YOU want to photograph orbs, readHow toPhotograph the Paranormal. In this fascinating book, LeoSweet gives you precise instructions.Subscribers can stilllisten to this fascinating Mysterious Powers interview!

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