Aliens may be living here right now, but we can’t see them. Some of the scientists on a panel that met at George Washington University came to this conclusion after looking at the evidence, from eyewitness reports and photographs to radar blips and metal artifacts. Bernard Haisch of the CA Institute for Physics and Astrophysics, thinks scientists don’t study UFOs out of fear of ridicule and retaliation and says, “Scientists are more closed-minded on the subject of UFOs than the general public?Many scientists may still be reacting to the Church’s cruelty toward scientists back in the 16th century.”

City University of NY physicist Michio Kaku says, ?Aliens may be here now, in another dimension, a millimeter away from our own.” He thinks the universe has 11 dimensions, of which we?ve identified only four. He also thinks visitors would use nanotechnology to visit Earth. “We’re always looking for space ships,” he says, “But what if they are using nanoprobes to explore Earth instead?”

Kaku wants to reexamine astrophysicist Jacques Valle?s samples of UFO fragments for microscopic structures that might have overlooked. He also thinks physicians should be allowed to examine alien abductees for traces of alien DNA. “If we could find a piece of nanotechnology or alien DNA, we would nail this to the wall,? he says. ?There would no longer be a debate.” The irony of this statement is that Dr. Roger Leir, who will be on Dreamland?s final radio broadcast on December 28, has already removed several of these implants from people.

So why isn?t mainstream science aware of Dr. Leir?s work? Stanford University physicist Peter Sturrock says, ?Scientists are not being encouraged, supported or funded in their UFO research.” He thinks UFOlogists would get greater respect if they were allowed to publish in peer-reviewed academic journals.

But universities discourage UFO research by not granting tenure to the scientists who do it. Kaku says, “It’s a good idea to start asking these questions only after you get tenure.”

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