If the climate keeps changing at the current rate, there will be drastic changes by the year 2080. “We’re talking of about the submergence of islands, submergence of Shanghai, the submergence of Bombay, the submergence of New York City,” says Steve Sawyer of Greenpeace. “Manhattan would be under water.” Global warming will lead to the melting of the Greenland ice sheet, which will cause a 16 to 23 foot rise in the sea level, putting low islands and coastal areas under water. Sawyer says, “Most coastal cities would be uninhabitable in their present forms…and that’s a catastrophic change of the shape of continents.”

The recent climate disasters around the world?from droughts in India, Australia and the U.S. to floods in Europe?are all part of global warming. Between 2050 and 2080, tens of millions of people will be more at risk of malaria, coastal flooding and starvation, and hundreds of millions of people will be at risk from water shortages.

In England, farmers may have to start growing bananas and avocados instead of grains. Long-term forecasts on climate change show Mediterranean weather coming to the U.K., with hotter summers, droughts and warm, wet winters with the risk of flooding. A report from the Royal Horticultural Society says, “Southern England will become like Bordeaux…in domestic gardens we will see more exotic plants?things like palms, olives and peaches.”

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