Some people have theorized that so-called "aliens" are residents of a parallel universe who manage somehow to enter our reality–but how would they do it? One way would be through what quantum physicists call a "wormhole," even though these passageways have never been seen or detected. But that may soon change: A new study suggests that wormholes might exist between distant stars, which mean they might be visible with new space telescopes like the Kepler.

Some quantum physicists think that instead of being tunnels, these wormholes would consist of a kind of fluid, flowing back and forth between the two stars, in which case they can probably be detected by some of the new, sophisticated equipment they have available.

Meanwhile, some people say that Visitors have ALREADY visited us–and they DIDN’T come in peace (hey, we shot at them FIRST). According to some ufologists, there was a Battle of Los Angeles on February 24, 1942 (less than 3 months after Pearl Harbor) fought during World War II involving a UFO. This may have been one of the reasons that, when the debris from the Roswell Crash was discovered scattered across a field in New Mexico (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows), the military first assumed that it was of Japanese origin. If scientists DO find evidence of wormholes, it will go along way to proving the existence of the Visitors, something we have never doubted–mainly because so many people we’ve talked to have ENCOUNTERED them (NOTE: Subscribers can listen to these incredible shows and interviews).

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