The times when your bladder is full and you REALLY "have to go" is NOT the time to get out of your chair and run to the toilet, it’s the time to make difficult decisions (which you can also make while sitting on the "john.") Why? Because scientists have found that suppressing one vital need, such as hunger, sex or thirst, makes you better at controlling yourself when it comes to making vital decisions (if more companies knew this, then staff meetings would consist of people sitting around a table bouncing up and down with their knees together).

When researcher Mirjam Tuk designed experiments to test whether self-control over one bodily function can spread to other areas as well–by having participants drink lots of water before answering multiple choice questions, she discovered that, "You seem to make better decisions when you have a full bladder."

Well, you learn something new every day, although the toughest decision most of us will make when we need to pee is figuring out how to find a bathroom. Here’s something else to contemplate while sitting on the "throne:" How in the world can still be here for you tomorrow if you don’t support us today? It costs less than $4–less than one of those pee-inducing lattes–to subscribe for a month, so why not do it now, before you take that bathroom break? Subscribe today

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