A year ago, residents of Delhi in India were terrorized byattacks from an elusive creature they called the MonkeyMan. Now Patra, another city in India, is facing similarattacks.

“There are rumors of a monkey-like machine, referred to as the monkey-man that attacks those sleeping on rooftops and inopen places at night,” says O.N. Bhaskar, Patna’s policechief. “But it is a pure rumor, as no one has actuallylodged a case in any police station. There has not been anyrecognized case of injury. We have warned the public atlarge to be on guard against any rumor and help cops arrestthose who spread such rumors.”

But residents don?t think it?s a rumor, since local papersare full of headlines and stories from eyewitnesses who?vebeen attacked by the creature. ?The monkey-man attacked andinjured my son-in-law Joginder Singh Friday night when hewas sleeping on the rooftop of my house,? says BhagwatSharan Singh. ?[The attacker] looked like a monkey.?

The incidents being reported in Patna are almost identicalto the attacks reported in Delhi last year, when a”mysterious monkey-like creature” stalked the city for morethan a month. Victims describe the creature as “black” and”ape-like” with “sharp claws.” Height estimates vary, withsome saying it?s over six feet tall with red eyes and othersdescribing it as about two feet tall.

Others say the Monkey Man “jumps and sparkles red and bluelights.” Others say he may be a robot that?s being operatedby remote control, “handled by anti-social elements toterrorize people.?

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