On this week’s Dreamland, psychic medium Marla Frees interviews someone who has long been in contact with ETs. Psychicslike Marla know that a near death experience can bring on amazing premonitions. For example, an aboriginal Australian woman who went searching for a missing girl on an “intuition” found the torso of ANOTHER woman instead.

The torso of the unidentified woman was wrapped in plastic, and police are now searching the area for more body parts. Cheryl Carrol-Lagerwey had a dream that led her to the area, but she denies being psychic.

BBC News quotes Detective Chief Inspector Pamela Young as saying, “Well, it’s quite interesting that there’s a woman and she had a sense or feeling it was worth her while to come to this particular part of the park.”

BBC quotes Carrol-Lagerwey as saying, “It’s not psychic, it’s inside you–if you have a near-death experience it’s in you.”

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