It depends on where the electricity they use is made – There is a feeling going around that after all the UFO sightings that have occurred, the next step is disclosure. Most of us assume that the next step after hybrid cars is electric vehicles. But before you plug in that car, you need to find out how your electricity is being MADE.

Gasoline comes from many different countries, and all of it releases the same amount of greenhouse gases when combusted in a car engine. Not the case with electricity: It could come from burning coal (one of the worst polluters) or natural gas or from clean energy sources like wind and solar energy. Unless you know where your electricity originates, you may not really be helping to clean up the planet. Engineers Michael Wang and Amgad Elgowainy decided to figure out which types of power plants are likely to generate the electricity used by electric cars in different regions of the United States. They found that drivers in Illinois would likely charge their vehicles with coal-generated power, while in the Northeast or California, the same vehicle would be supplied by plants that burn cleaner natural gas.

In, Jared Sagoff quotes Elgowainy as saying, “The development and production of more plug-in hybrid vehicles will definitely help ease America’s dependence on foreign oil and improve our national security. It’s important that we also address how they will change the amount of greenhouse-gas emissions coming from the transportation sector.”

If we’re going to stave off climate change, we need to follow the right path. Just don’t forget where you heard about climate change FIRST, while everyone else was still denying it. Help us keep the truth alive: subscribe today!

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