We have just added an interview to our Contactee Section with a couple who were living on Puget Sound in 1966 when a UFO dropped down behind their home, resulting in 11 days of close encounters, including a vividly remembered approach of non-humans into their living room and an extensive abduction experience that involved them and their neighbors and apparently many other people in the area.

This is one of the best descriptions of the close encounter experience ever recorded, and because it happened in 1966 when the only known abduction case was that of Betty and Barney Hill–a case that “John and Mary” were unfamiliar with–it has a powerful ring not just of truth, but of raw truth. To listen, subscribers should log in and navigate to Contactee Interviews using the dropdown menu under Subscriber Home on the masthead, or simply click here. To listen to a short excerpt from the interview, non-subscribers click below.

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  1. I think I heard John give a date of february 1968 so i did what he did much later after the on board experience at the beach and googled for reports from that time and area…got this at ufowater.net Vashon Island is in Puget Sound….this sounds like the 1st craft, behind their home (not the bigger beach one):

    “Go BackReport # 1044

    02-18-1968   UFO MAKES ICE          

           …We have no reason to suspect the informant’s story.   

    The same can be said for our last EM case, which took place at Vashon Island, Washington, on February 18, 1968, and which involved several young men. This case was investigated thoroughly by David Akers, APRO’s investigator in that area, and he found some startling evidence, although it did not have anything to do with stalling cars, interrupted electrical service, or anything of that nature.

           Three youngsters, all between eighteen and nineteen years of age, drove into a gravel pit approximately one mile east of the town of Vashon on Vashon Island between midnight and 1 a.m. on Sunday morning, February 18. They drove on an access road through heavy rain to a point where the road ended in a pond. They then made a U turn at the edge of the pond, and the car was stopped facing north on the access road. After the car was stopped, all three boys observed a glowing object resting on a hill to the right of the car, or east.

           The boys, Richard Frombach, Boone Powers, and Chris Beachner, described the thing as oval- or crescent-shaped and having a glow which they found difficult to describe adequately. “A shiny type of glow” or “reflected light” or a “pale bluish-white” was the closest that the trio could come to a description. At any rate, they drove into town to get additional witnesses. Frombach did not return with them, but they picked up Joseph Frabush and returned to the area. Powers parked his car on the main road, and the three walked into the pit area on the access road.

           Upon rounding the curve of the access road they observed the object which apparently had moved from its original position and was now on their left. Frabush later said that he thought the object was lens-shaped, about the size of a compact station wagon, and made of shiny metal. He estimated the size of the object to be “about thirty feet.” He also had difficulty describing the quality of the light but insisted that it was reflected rather than generated by the object itself, despite the fact that there was no light source in the area.

          Powers bolted immediately upon seeing the object the second time, and when Frabush and Beachner saw that he was gone, they also ran for the car, and the trio drove back into Vashon for more witnesses.

           When more people crowded out to the gravel pit, the object was gone. But something very strange had happened—the one-hundred-foot pond located in the gravel pit was completely frozen over! The discovery was reported to Sheriff Don Holke at 2 A.M., and he went out to investigate the situation immediately. He was startled to find that the report was true, for temperature in the area was above freezing and had been so for several days prior to the sighting. There had been heavy rain in the area for a couple of weeks, and besides, there was no other ice in the vicinity. Investigation showed that small puddles bordering the pond which should have frozen first if this were a normal freeze, had no ice whatsoever, and the mud was not frozen either. Another unusual feature of the pond was the fact that the ice was very dry, and it was raining during the whole episode.

           Other details uncovered during subsequent investigation by Mr. Akers were that the ice on the pond measured as much as three inches thick in spots and that it was formed in layers ranging from two to five in quantity. The ice was also riddled with large numbers of bubbles containing air and dirt. It was concluded that the possibility of a hoax was unlikely because of the size of the affected area of the pond.

           So what have we here? As far as is known, this is the first case in which freezing was a by-product of a UFO landing, and we can’t begin to guess what the object was doing there or how it managed to freeze the pond if indeed it did.                                                                                   

    This reference: UFOs: The Whole Story by Coral and Jim Lorenzen, pp. 162-166, © 1969     

    UFOCAT PRN – 47750

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    North America – United States, Washington, King

    Vashon             Latitude 47-26-50 N, Longitude 122-27-35 W (D-M-S)

    Vashon Island  Latitude 47-25-44 N, Longitude 122-28-41 W

    Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic. 

    UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 47.42 N, Longitude 122.46 W (D.%)

                                          Latitude 47.43 N, Longitude 122.48 W [URN 166223]           


  2. I can’t find this latest puget sound interview. Is it up yet? I’m a subscriber, I don’t see it under contactee interviews.
    Thank you!
    I love your site Whitley! I’m always listening!

  3. Author

    After you click on subscriber home, then navigate to Contactee Interviews, you will see it. It is dated January 31, 2020. It does not say the words Puget Sound in the title.

    1. Hmmmm, it says my auto renew expired today , but also says I’m still a subscriber.Maybe that’s why I don’t see it? Who should I contact?

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  4. Author

    I sent your issue along to our subscription manager, and she fixed it. You should be able to log in normally.

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