William Henry has just published a major new book, The Illuminator and Whitley Strieber thinks that the information it contains is so important that it will be covered in two editions of Dreamland, both presented without commercial breaks. For subscribers, Anne Strieber talks to healer Eric Pearl about the healing he did for her last year.

The Illuminator represents a tremendous breakthrough not only for William Henry, but for everybody concerned with the need to develop spiritually in this time of great Earth changes. Whitley Strieber says, “This is why I do Dreamland and why we have this website. It is about developing the kind of spiritual energy that answers our needs during a period of fearsome challenge. William’s breakthrough is to begin to show how the body serves the soul, and how the two, truly are one. There is tremendous energy and real food in what he has to say, and what he has written.”

The Illuminator is shipping now, and if you hurry, you can get an EXTRA dollar off by inputting the coupon code Illum as you place your order!(Offer ends midnight 11/24/2005.)

Anne Strieber surprised her doctors by making a complete recovery from a very serious stroke suffered last year. Not only was this the result of superb medical care, it may also have had something to do with prayer…and something to do with renowned healer Eric Pearl. Subscribers: Listen as Anne talks to Eric about the healing he did for her, and they tell together the strange story of how Anne and Whitley, seemingly out of complete coincidence, had, months before her stroke, moved to a house ACROSS THE STREET from Eric’s without the slightest awareness that he was nearby. This beautiful interview offers you insights into the nature of healing, and most especially into Eric’s wonderful methods. Do not miss it, subscribe today.

Last but definitely not least, Linda Howe reports on the fact that the SUN is adding to global warming by heating up!

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