A document that has tantalized UFO investigators for over 30 years was released today. The document was produced for the judge during a 1980 trial initiated by Citizens Against UFO Secrecy to attempt to gain the release of secret UFO documents. The judge agreed that neither a group of NSA documents relating to UFOs should be released, nor the affidavit explaining why.

Many UFO investigators were sure that this must be the fabled smoking gun. However, the affidavit has now been released, and it appears that the National Security Agency’s main concern was that the extent of its ability to monitor electronic communications not be revealed, not any particular UFO secrets.

However, the affidavit does contain references to intercepts of air-to-ground communications regarding UFO observations, and the radar tracking of UFOs. The affidavit remains heavily redacted, and it is not possible to determine exactly what conclusions are being drawn in a number of the cases referred to.

The ‘official’ media, such as Space.com are saying that the affidavit shows that UFO secrets were not being protected, but rather the effectiveness of NSA’s monitoring technology and the names of officials.

Reading the redacted document tells a different story.

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