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Catherine Austin Fitts, Linda Moulton Howe, Jeremy Vaeni, Jim Marrs, Peter Levenda and Joseph Farrell tell us their expectations for the future in this two-week special edition of Dreamland.

In this 90 minute special, six of our frequent guests discuss their expectations for the new year and the future that lies beyond. Catherine Austin Fitts and Jim Marrs offer very different takes on the economy, Peter Levenda discusses the legacy of the Nazis as it has developed in the middle east, Joseph Farrell discusses the chilling power of the black budget, and Jeremy Vaeni reveals some exciting plans.

This is Dreamland at its best. Don’t miss a single moment of this amazing show!

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Coming January 9:  Renowned futurist John Petersen of the Arlington Institute paints one of the most extraordinary portraits of our future that you will ever encounter.

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  1. Whitley and Anne, Merry
    Whitley and Anne, Merry Christmas and Happy New-Year.

    Thank you for all the work that you do, and I wish you both well for 2015.

  2. Merry Christmas and a Very
    Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you Whitley, Anne, and the whole Dreamland Team! Glad to hear “The Experience” will be extended into the subscriber section, as I felt it only scratched the surface of the experiencers Jeremy interviewed ( great interviews regardless,but left me wanting to hear more). Peace .

  3. Merry Christmas and a New
    Merry Christmas and a New Year full of joy, healing, wisdom and peace! Thank you each for your courage and inquisitive minds and open hearts. Many blessings to you!

  4. I have had some very strange
    I have had some very strange experiences after having a stroke in 2008. Doctors say they aren’t seizures but I say what else could they be? I perceive faces very strangely. Sometimes I can’t even recognize my own family. Sorry! I can’t see the future.

  5. Enjoyed Dreamland. It was
    Enjoyed Dreamland. It was great hearing Jim Marrs again. Good luck w/your new book — sounds very interesting and extremely timely. It occurred to me that one of the questions that Whitley asked either Peter Levenda or Joseph Farrell regarding the money from one of the Bush grandfathers to Nazis was discussed in detail in one of Jim’s books. The book goes into detail about the formation of and connections with the CIA by these same people as well.

    I hope the new year brings renewed health, healing, joy, productivity, and well deserved prosperity to Anne and Whitley.

  6. Happy New Year, to U Whitley
    Happy New Year, to U Whitley and Anne. Looking forward with much relish to both 2015, and beyond.

  7. A number of people have been
    A number of people have been effected like Starfire Tor I’m leaning to the changing magnetics on the earth now. I think the van allen belts that envelop earth act as a shield to the earth from harmful and unwanted outside energies and matter and their is a relationship of the earth’s magnetic field to the van allen belts. The changing earth’s core driving the magnetic changes on the earth effect the van allen belts and these changes allow outside intrusions from space energies and such to pass through this natural protective barrier and penetrate into the earth. Humans have an energy field around their body which protects from them from harmful energy but the changing magnetic field of earth has effected this auric or energy bubble around us so I believe taking all this together the distortions of our auric fields caused by the magnetic changes in our environment and the suns solar flare storms are the cause of these seizures or strange muscle or neurological conditions. It would follow that the changes in our sun and the energy coming from the solar flare eruptions which hit the earth pass through the van allen belt barriers and bombard the earth. So these energies are striking humans and effecting them by passing through their weakened or distorted energy field and this I think is the cause for these unusual medical problems. Maybe a solution is take it easy and don’t expose oneself to the sun too much during solar activity windows, keep yourself hydrated and balance the electrolytes, check mineral content daily and boost or stabilize your magnetic field because this I believe protects and balances the auric or energy field we reside in.

  8. The van allen belts act as a
    The van allen belts act as a shield to protect the earth from harmful space energies but now they are compromised due to the changes in the earths core which are changing the earth’s magnetic field. This is why I believe chemtrails may not be so nefarious. Maybe their acting as a barrier to screen some of the harmful energy that comes from the sun’s solar flare eruptions. The chemtrails are trying to protect us from the harmful energies that are pouring in from space because our van allen radiation belts aren’t properly screening these energies now.

  9. I have sensed the energy
    I have sensed the energy Starfire described since September of this year. I thought it was due to CME energy increase but then I determined that was in fact evil coalescing. I have not had seizures, but I have had serious health effects since September that I have every reason to trace to this. I think all three of the energy draining entity types she mentioned are working in concert and the reason eludes me. And I am also a sensitive like she mentioned. Is this a Time War Starfire?

  10. After reading some of the
    After reading some of the comments and listening to the shows, including the latest that have featured Starfire I think she needs to be encouraged most strongly to seek medical care, including mental health counseling. At first her ravings sounded like grandeur but now they are getting increasingly paranoid. People here should not feed into her delusions about Core Matrix and so on. This is her delusion. Instead friends should encourage her to get back to day to day reality.

    1. She is getting medical care,
      She is getting medical care, thankfully. I am not qualified to speak on the physics, but some of what she says is worth heeding. Anyone would agree that many forces seem to want a world war for their own inexplicable reasons.

    2. Daniel G.,
      Having worked as a

      Daniel G.,
      Having worked as a mental health professional, the idea that negligent contractors using the wrong screws in a roofing job was actually the tool of “pure human evil” to silence one’s work on earth-shattering revelations is a bit concerning. It was also rather telling that when Whitley asked directly why this was happening with the roof, she answered that it was “negligence, stupidity, and pure human evil” – she would not mention the factual cause of the issue, only that it happened before. Mundane causes offer easy explanations. Though no one likes a Home Owner’s Association covenant, I think it’s a stretch to consider it part of a pattern of cosmic evil. Having damage to one’s home can absolutely be stressful and that stress can cause real physical maladies. But let’s accept it for that, and not something more grand. After all, as stated, other home owners got the same treatment, and they did not discover the Core Matrix.

  11. Happy, so happy that you had
    Happy, so happy that you had the 90 minutes with many of my favorites and look forward to hearing from them all in the new year!

  12. i love this dreamland show.
    i love this dreamland show. good luck to you starfire tor. i’m sending healing your way. take what you need sister.

    1. Ditto, essence. One of the
      Ditto, essence. One of the best, fast-paced Dreamlands with my favorite guests, and yes, I’m already on the edge of my seat waiting for John Hogue’s 2015 predictions.
      Also, wishing Whitley, Anne, and staff all the best in 2015, and praying for Anne and Starfire Tor’s restoration.

  13. Normally I don’t share
    Normally I don’t share personal experiences but the one I had this morning was very unusual. I left my house around six this morning planning to walk to a near by place and breakfast. It was still dark out so I looked up in the sky briefly and I noticed an odd bright star so I said if you hear me show me something and this fixed star began to move so I thought okay its a plane and than it stops so I said if real do it again and it did and than it happened a third time. So I thought their messing with me and suddenly the outside darkness turns a gray white which startled me so I tried to get a keener look at it and than it back black again so I looked around because I know the why they think sometimes and I saw nothing so I redirected my gaze at the strange star above and it turned very quiet and this star changed into the shape of a small arrow made of light and than it started to fall vertically from the sky I couldn’t believe my eyes and I thought it must be a joke and the descent ceased and suddenly the star was back in the sky in its original position so I thought well repeat it if its true and it got eerily quiet than the light changed into a small arrow again and it proceeded to free fall from the sky like it lost its time and place and than I was convinced I was show something and the experience ended because its getting cold and I headed off to eat. Later in the day I remembered from years ago that I’ve seen this exact same thing before or had this experienced before. The way the star fell from the sky was so eerie because the star fell to earth like it was experiencing a free fall in a vacuum and it had no lateral movement. The whole experience was strange because it struck me later it sounded like Fatima and falling object they claimed was seen.

  14. And with this apex of great
    And with this apex of great angels lets get off this wheel of life and ascend!

  15. I’ve always thought that
    I’ve always thought that humans using only 10% of their brain and most of our DNA classified as “junk” is a load of bullpucky!

    I’m coming more & more to consider that time & gravity are two faces of the same force manifested as a pressure on perception.

  16. has anyone else been having
    has anyone else been having problems logging in to the subscriber area from their iPhone?? any help would be appreciated. thanks

  17. It’s no coincidence that
    It’s no coincidence that another plane has gone missing.

    I am not going to attempt and make contact with the passengers and crew of this recent incident as I did earlier in the year. It was very bizarre… MH370 quite literally disappeared. Starfire discussed in detail in one of her interviews her connection to airline crashes. I won’t go into detail the odd synchronicities and events immediately preceding Starfire’s interview again from months ago…

    Take a really good look at maps of Southeast Asia and also look at the routes of the two airliners (as I did last night). Also note that the earthquake/tsunami from 10 years ago originated in the same area, then also look at the ‘hotspots’ on the globe that Linda Howe has posted on her website regarding the changing magnetic fields on our planet. I posted this same map months ago on Twitter in relation to the missing MH370 flight. (Some experts have postulated that MH370 may have gone down in the southern Indian Ocean. Look at the magnetic fields map.)

    I don’t claim to know exactly what is happening in that part of the world, but everyone really should pay attention. I have been trying to put the pieces together since February 14th when I was contacted by someone that perished in another airline disaster in Japan about 20 years ago and was the worst disaster in terms of lives lost.

    Enjoyed Dreamland and also the odd interview with Starfire…Fasten your seatbelts indeed…

    …And I hope that this post does not disappear like some other posts of mine have done recently.

  18. roger — very interesting
    roger — very interesting first comment above. Earth’s magnetic field does shield us from harmful solar radiation and cosmic rays. A weakening in the magnetic field (which is not uniform in all places on earth) does let harmful radiation thru. Even without allowing harmful radiation through, the fluctuations that occur in the field affect the body as well. I do not think chemtrails protect us from this form of energy though. If anything, they may add to the imbalances due to the fact that they allegedly contain heavy metals which are toxic to the body. Not all of metals end up in the upper atmosphere — many seem to fall down to the ground with wind and precipitation and end up on anything they come into contact with — our food, the soil, animals we eat, our own bodies.

    Also, in areas where there are earthquakes and storms — there are electro-magnetic wave emissions which affect the body. (Dorothy getting sucked up by a tornado into an alternate reality wasn’t just a good graphic — altho it may be an extreme example.) Good advice about drinking water, keeping mineral balances in the body in balance, etc. and I agree that strengthening our auric fields can help protect us from such earth/solar/cosmic effects as well as unwanted intrusions by others into our personal space.

    I also postulate that anyone working with electro-magnetic fields via portals within the brain/mind in a way that what they are doing is going contrary to what nature/earth is doing would be susceptible to getting “whacked” by earth — not thru any evil intent, but just by being essentially in the way (in the wrong place at the wrong time). Kinda like standing on a train track as the train passes thru. I also know, as many of us know, that once we start opening/using portals within our brains using the mind, it can be very difficult to close them completely. This goes for opening portals between people as well. The places the doorways open into tend to open again and again whether we will/want them to or not. Many experiencers are a perfect example of this. Another example is that of unscrupulous psychics/mediums who use this fact to cannabalize and/or manipulate other people’s energy. The Unknown Country is a strange and wondrous place, but it also can be very dangerous.

    I am PROUD to be a subscriber now for several years and cheers to more… Thank you so much for this program Love you!!!!
    My very best for the new year!

  20. Did She say `Spacebook`? How
    Did She say `Spacebook`? How do I get on?

  21. So where is the next
    So where is the next dreamland?
    Has it been hijacked by agents of the secret government?

  22. @Daniel, it looks like
    @Daniel, it looks like Dreamland and The Experience are both up for two weeks, so check back on 10th Jan.

  23. if you have missing posts —
    if you have missing posts — you might want to try checking into Dreamland and Subscriber Special on your mobile phone. I thought a post I had written a while back had been deleted but it turned out to be under the Subscriber Special section on my mobile (smart)phone. I noticed that on the mobile site (I do not use the app so I am not sure how that fits in) — the above posts are divided with some of them posted under Dreamland and others posted under Subscriber Section. If you mention Starfire Tor — it is likely that you will find it under the Subscriber Section on your mobile (smart)phone. I do not know why these two separate shows do not have a separate comments section on the regular web page. It has confused me for some time now.

  24. On the 22nd of December I
    On the 22nd of December I had a had a blackout and when my husband finally got me rolled over my face was blue and motled. this has never happened before and the docs can’t find a reason.

  25. Hmm, that’s odd, my post
    Hmm, that’s odd, my post disappeared too.. must be a glitch as my post was a simple comment of support for StarFire.

    CORRECTION: OOPS! My post didn’t disappear.. I was looking at the wrong page..


  26. I forgot to mention that on
    I forgot to mention that on the 22nd of December 2013 I had a mini stroke.

  27. GREAT SHOW!!!!!
    I say this

    GREAT SHOW!!!!!
    I say this with PEACE & LOVE.. PEACE & LOVE:
    To wit:

    I can hear the various speaking styles of the guests. My only hope is that LMH would take a pause or a breath in her delivery. She has the most interesting information, but its a L-O-N-G monotone delivery… makes me zone out…..

    Jeremy & Jim have a nice radio conversational delivery as does Marla frees….

    Jess sayin’

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