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We all know about the Roswell Incident. That is really happened is now an open secret, and the fact that bodies and debris were recovered is generally accepted. Ditto that they were shipped off to Wright Field in Dayton.


That’s what we’re talking about on Dreamland this week with premiere UFO researchers Tom Carey and Don Schmitt. The authors of Witness to Roswell have a new book out, UFO Secrets: Inside Wright-Patterson, Eyewitness Accounts from the Real Area 51.

They take us from the revelations of people like memory metal witness June Crane to the incredible and moving testimony of “Black Mac” Magruder. On the way, they discuss people like General Arthur Exon, who was a family friend of Whitley’s, who he introduced to the authors.

They also discuss the possible reasons that new UFO information is being bled out into public awareness now, and how this could turn out to be something other than what it seems, and the dangers inherent in that.

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  3. hey folks. i enjoyed this interview.
    “the bodies”. Ive said for sometime that those are “bio-roids”. justt like those implants. AND… since I had heard that they just fold up and go in a drawer…
    the actual being may be just an advances non-physical entity using them as a transport mechanism. But, heres the rub: Ive seen them like you see your own reflection in glass. They were there but transparent. So, if thats the case, then the “body” would have to be able to “phase” into and out of reality.

  4. Awesome! I can now see the download links for this show. Thanks for fixing it Whitley and your team! 🙂

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