Former UK MoD UFO expert Nick Pope joins us to discuss everything that is happening in the fast-changing world of UFO/UAP disclosure and government acknowledgement of the reality of close encounter and abduction high strangeness. Nick tells us of his experiences while at MoD trying to figure out how to address the abduction phenomenon. He and Whitley discuss whether or not abductions have tapered off, and Nick comes up with some surprising thoughts. In this informative and wide ranging show, they go on to discuss the latest about the Rendlesham Forest Incident and the health issues that have been experienced by witnesses, how “others” might get here and if they’re already here, the latest on the Advanced Aerospace Identification Program, the unspoken reality that the US intelligence community must have EXTENSIVE UFO imagery of many types from downlooking spy satellites and SO MUCH MORE.

Get set to take notes as you listen to this information-packed interview!

You can reach Nick Pope on his website, and his Twitter feed @NickPopeMod.

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  1. Another awesome interview- so glad I’m a subscriber!

    Updates on Drake Equations & Speculations of “where are the satellite videos of UAP’s?”

    5-star Whitley & UC staff!

  2. Maybe there are less abductions reported, because the perpetrators have become more skilled at human memory obfuscation. Perhaps it serves their purpose to have less of them reported?

    BTW, I couldn’t help laughing and shaking my head, hearing about Nick previously wearing a bowler hat. Talk about a being a living characature of an English government establishment type!

    In the early days, when Nick came out of that world, I couldn’t help be frustrated when listening to him, as he still seemed to be towing the ‘company’ line, to a certain degree. But he seems to have loosened up over time.

  3. On the topic of the history of colonization-caused devastation- ChristopherColumbus as mentioned – there was also a massive effect wrought upon the native population by the introduction of influenza and smallpox….. relevant to current events worldwide of the last couple of years. Fantastic interview, as usual. Love the archival treasures here as a subscriber. Provacative to say the least.

  4. Great to hear such intelligent conversation.

    Let us not forget that Genesis, Sumerian tales, Popol Vuh, the Greek myths, etc… verify that both visitation and cross species breeding or genetic manipulation have been happening at least since he Younger Dryas catastrophe. We no longer have Woolly Mammoths or Saber Toothed Tigers. All life forms have changed a lot since then.

    The key question: ‘What would interest them?’ Obviously a lot of time, energy, and attention is spent and even the most advanced mortal being would treasure such things. — In response, I would add, we are at the cutting edge of time and evolution and the Sacred Mystery of creation may have given us gifts which astound them. We are extremely creative dreamers and visionaries. There is great beauty which we perceive. There are treasures in our humble lives.

  5. Author

    There is a major book coming out on this very subject from Greg Little and Andrew Collins in March. I have just read the galley proof and given it a glowing blurb. They go deeply into the very subject you are talking about here and do it brilliantly. It’s called Origins of the Gods.

    1. Thank You, The human race is entwined with these phenomena which we do not clearly fathom the nature of or the depth of. I will watch for the book to be released.

  6. Fascinating discussion. Thanks, Whitley and Nick. Whitley, you mentioned Luis Elizondo and his absolute refusal to interact with you. You imply that you think it’s because he thinks that contact with you could damage his reputation, or something. Can you elaborate? What contact HAVE you had? If you’ve already discussed this and I missed it, mea culpa.

  7. Author

    I haven’t had any contact with him. A certain part of the intelligence community refers to us as “the woo factor.” I suppose I am considered part of this.

    They think that they will lose credibility, I would assume, by giving any credence to close encounter. But the human factor—close encounter—seems to me to be what matters most.

    1. I guess it’s not considered to be “woo” if you are using “remote viewing” for military purposes.

  8. Dear Whitley, don’t worry about getting “long winded” it’s always very interesting and wonderful when you do!

  9. Nick Pope, Dicky Dolan… kind of same old etc..

    Personally, and I don’t wish to appear rude here but, I would exclude RD and NP from all discussion on this.

    Listening to someone waft ‘hot air’ (I’m being polite) for hours about nothing at all, isn’t my idea of content. Credentials? When someone nestles themselves in areas based on ‘credentials’ I run a mile.

    I sat the same Civil Service Executive Officer exam that Nick Pope sat but I came out the other side (25 years) with a different stance.


    I normally add things here but here I will not.

    1. Reading your comment, the book ‘You Can’t Tell the People’ by Georgina Bruni came to mind. Apparently that was what Margaret Thatcher said to the author, in an uncharacteristically off-guard moment, when she thought that Georgina knew the truth about the ‘UFO problem’. I mentioned above that Nick Pope had loosened up over the years… but only in the range of topics he is willing to cover. With regards to his authority on such matters, however, despite his office, I have always assumed he was allowed to know next to ‘bog all’ about what was really going on.

    2. I posted a reply earlier today, modified it a few times…then it disappeared 😕

      1. Here is the post again, with a slight modification…

        “Reading your comment, the book ‘You Can’t Tell the People’ by Georgia Bruni came to mind. Apparently that was what Margaret Thatcher said to the author, in an uncharacteristically off-guard moment, when she thought that Georgia knew the truth about the ‘UFO problem’. I mentioned above that Nick Pope had loosened up over the years…but only in the range of topics he is willing to cover. With regards to his authority on such matters, however, despite his office, I have always assumed he was allowed to know next to nothing about what was really going on.”

        1. Author

          Strange that it would disappear. The spam filter sometimes captures comments in error, but once they’re posted they shouldn’t disappear.

      2. Sherbet, I’ve encountered that same problem often in the last few months. You may want to contact Nikki Thomas and see if she can help you.

    3. I have much sympathy with Von Hausenberg’s point of view, having been a Civil Servant too. I am reminded of Lao Tzu’s remark that ‘Those who know do not speak, those who speak do not know’. Beyond the existence of some sort of presence, of which I am reasonably certain, we know nothing. It seems to me that, at best we know what the presence wants us to know. As to whether the presence is benevolent or we are just lab rats, I incline to Stephen Hawkings’ view – best to keep our heads down.

      1. I’m in ageement David and love Arthur C. Clarke quote “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

        Acknowledge the mysteries of this life but don’t let it get in the way of moving forward, having a go, and living the fullest life you can.

  10. It was just an ok interview for me. Since we’ve let the cat out of the bag just a little on this subject, I want more and bigger. That’s really not fair because we seem to be in a deliberate holding pattern so we just have to be patient. Whether it’s visitor induced or not is another question. Many paths seem to be converging with our divided politics, climate change and the mounting tension with China. I don’t think the emerging alien presence is coincidental to this. We seem to be on a deliberate path.

  11. I have noticed, that the interactions with the visitors has become in the physical, less than what it was in the 1990s and 2000s. Its a rare treat to have them in the room with me. Its become more mind to mind interface or soul to soul if you take my meaning. I’ve witnessed only a few UFOs during my life time. An average of one a decade. the last ten years I cant say I’ve seen one. I would suspect if it was about a program or genetic one, the program has come to an end, or the genetic stock has been tampered with, making it redundant. Also i think that the earth changes will be upon us soon. You can see the weather becoming more violent around the world amongst other problems. I suspect the visitors have computed this in their plans.

    1. Only a WHAT IF scenario here. What if the whole idea of a human breeding program is to secure THE BEST OF THE BEST human possible? Resilient: A creation that is genetically and emotionally sound AND with excellent moral qualities?  Perhaps this might have taken many generations to accomplish, (a wait and see element to a program that had to play out individually)? Putting it into action and out of their DNA laboratories? Might the final result be the selection of families that have filled the requirements of such an experiment????

      1. Carollee, I really hope that is not the case. Think of it in terms of the experiments that the Nazis carried out in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s. Also, what would these beings consider “excellent moral qualities” ?

        1. Many people have had amazing spiritual advancement because of their interactions with them. I don’t think they are nazis.

      2. The only point I’m trying to make is if “we” people from earth have contaminated our genetic code ourselves, eg radiation from atomic bomb testing or inventing new technologies that can change the genome in a negative way. At a certain point the original DNA the visitors were playing with would have changed, from the pollution, radiation etc. we do to ourselves. So the hybrid program may have been a race against time…. But i also wonder if the pressure on human consciousness evolution they place on “us” people. It may counteract the changes we made… mind over matter.

  12. I think the astounding amount of anecdotal evidence of the harvesting of human egg and sperm and seemingly being selective, taking from the same family lines, indicates that this is indeed happening.

    1. Author

      It sure seems so to me. I cannot forget the moment they got my semen. What did they do with it? If they made children, what of their lives? I am hardly the only person haunted by this question. I just wonder what those children knew and know, where they are, who taught them what. And are there still more being made, and, above all, why can’t I see them? They are part of me. My kids and my soul.

      I think everyone who has lost eggs and sperm to this must feel the same.

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