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Two weeks ago researcher Yvonne Smith took us through the Coronado Hotel mass abduction incident. In this program, two of the people who actually had the abduction experience while attending the conference tell us, for the first time, about their experiences in close encounter, and, in the second half of the show, the startling experience of being involved in one of the only documented mass abductions in history.

Ellen has had an implant removed by Dr. Roger Leir, and she describes that experience as well, and its fascinating and unexpected aftermath. Sam tells of many UFO experiences dating from childhood.

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  2. I wonder if the implants, at
    I wonder if the implants, at least some of them, are intended to adjust the body’s own frequencies rather than to transmit frequencies outward. Spirits who have been contacted through ITC or mediums have often said that the human being cannot tolerate the frequencies of higher beings unless the human person’s own frequencies were attuned to the higher being. If at least some of these abductors are higher beings, they could be using implants to help raise your frequencies, which would aid their ability to communicate with, or work through you or to aid in your development.

    This would help to explain the sounds associated with these devices as well. (However, some of us, well, at least I sometimes ‘feel’ sound vibrations even though I have never been abducted or visited. As a child, one of my ears would often ring like a tram bell, and I often dreamed of going into my ear where I would, of course, see trams and hear that ringing).

    Of course, it is possible that some of these implants are inserted by lower beings who are either trying to tap into the human frequency or lower it in order to work through them. I expect that if that were sometimes the case, individuals would be chosen for their amenability to lower motives. I very much doubt that a person with a commitment to truth and good could or would be used in this way.

  3. The things that Ellen and Sam
    The things that Ellen and Sam mention are absolutely the same as mine growing up. I would search out books, wonder why and wonder what. A feeling that exists to this day – that I walk among, but not amongst. My family (my mom and dad at least were loving). We had an experience in Michigan in the mid 60’s, going to our cottage in Caseville Michigan, I was probably no more than 10 years old – too much to talk about here – missing time, confusion etc. I got very angry looking at the cover of Communion. Which makes no sense. Those who have had similar experiences know what I mean. I believe I have an implant, but don’t want to do anything with it – I just leave it alone…… I think this is my decision, no coercion. I only bring any of this up as I feel that Unknown Country subscribers are people who understand. Life goes on.

  4. I, too, was studying UFOs at
    I, too, was studying UFOs at a very young age, and I even did a science fair project about it too! No one made fun of me either, which today as a I look back on it WAS also highly strange (This was in the mid-60’s) The kids in Jr. High liked picking on me too, but no one laughed, raised an eyebrow, or lifted a finger when I did this project. My dad even helped me make a mock-up of a UFO complete with flashing lights.

    Since I was small, I have had many unusual experiences involving UFOs and the ‘paranormal’. Most of all, I am an observer that tends to look at events from an ‘outside’ perspective.

    As for The Lady on the cover of ‘Communion’, when I saw the book reviewed in the Sunday paper all those years ago, I went down to book store that same day and bought the book. The Lady did not frighten me, but there was a familiarity about her that drew me in.
    Oddly, I have always felt that she is another aspect of myself, and I am not sure why. When I put a certain pair of sunglasses, I’ve been told that I look just like her, and a well-known psychic has told me more than once that when she thinks about me, she sees me surrounded by UFOs.

    Don’t ask me if I know what is going on, because I haven’t a clue. It’s just the way things are (or seem to be).

  5. Whitley, I loved both of
    Whitley, I loved both of these interviews and feel the subscriber comments as well as the comments in the (Weekender: Artificial Intelligence – Are We Summoning A Demon That We Can’t Control?) were well thought out.


    Not exactly with the interviews this weekend but I thought you might be interested in a PBS program that is a bit synchronistic with a DREAMLAND back in October…..STING.

    On Tuesday, November 11, 2014

    With Henry Louis Gates Jr.

    The British Invasion (PBS)

    Sally Field, Deepak Chopra and (STING) learn about their roots. Field discovers that she’s descended from William Bradford, who became a leader of Plymouth Colony after arriving in the New World on the Mayflower; Chopra discovers that his grandparents pledged loyalty to Britain and even fought for Britain in WWII; and (STING) discovers that his ancestors built merchant ships and worked in coal mines while enduring awful working conditions and Dickensian-like poverty.

    Carollee: That’s an interesting speculation. Air is a very ethereal substance and can be converted to energy very quickly. I would not be surprised if the pineal gland and the lungs are spiritually connected at a fundamental level.

    “With one breath, with one blow, you will know, synchronicity”…..(STING)

    Posted by Mace on 12 Oct 2014 at 11:49

    Mace…..Here it is. (STING).

    The Police – Synchronicity 1

    Jung, who was the founder of Analytical Psychology, first introduced the term synchronicity in 1930. His principal essay on this subject “Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle”

    Posted by Carollee on 12 Oct 2014

  6. Speaking of which, there was
    Speaking of which, there was a group of “aliens” in Sedona, Az in the 1980s who used their human body vocal sounds to alter states of consciousness in others as well as transmit information and knowledge. Who knows. But their vocalizing had an eerie, haunting aspect, I thought.

  7. That’s vey interesting,
    That’s vey interesting, Carollee. Was (STING) mentioned in parentheses in the true description of the interview? That’s fascinating that his ancestors worked in coal mines, which is very hard on the lungs, of course. Maybe the line from the song Synchronicity 1 was also about a release from the remembered burden of inhaling dangerous coal particles. Kind of like a genetic memory that was encoded in STING’s genes. Finally, he was getting some fresh air, even though his ancestors were not. It is also interesting to note that STING sang about a “Canary in a coal mine”. Perhaps these feelings were also genetically related, and passed down to him through his ancestors. A Canary is sent down in mines to test for gases. If the canary dies, the mine is unsafe. Being a miner is a very difficult job as well, and that could cause one to feel persecuted. Going from poisonous gases or particles to refreshing spiritual air may have been STINGs journey in his lifetime.

    How much do our ancestor’s experiences influence our current frame of reality? It is possible that babies inherit much of their parents wisdom and experiences through a genetic/spirit exchange, “Like Father, like Son” etc. Something an ancestor did one thousand years ago might have an impact on our feelings in a present moment.

  8. Mace, as you posted it in
    Mace, as you posted it in October…..

    Carollee: That’s an interesting speculation. Air is a very ethereal substance and can be converted to energy very quickly. I would not be surprised if the pineal gland and the lungs are spiritually connected at a fundamental level.

    “With one breath, with one blow, you will know, synchronicity”…..”Sting

    Posted by Mace on 12 Oct 2014 at 11:49

  9. what was it about 1982 83,
    what was it about 1982 83, huh? synchronicities abound i’ll say. with one breath, the weapon, deaf lepperd, billy idol, martha davis, ray davies (don’t forget to dance), please please tell me now- duran duran and kajagoogoo ” to shy to shy” and on and on!umm more! Whitley had that incredible time anamoly experience in new york city where he was trasported back to pioneer days!- this was just incredible!

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