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Tom Carey and Don Schmitt have just published a groundbreaking and definitive book about the Roswell Incident that—incredibly—is full of new revelations and new research of the very highest order. For example, they have solved the mystery of "Hangar 18" at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

If you go to Wright-Pat and ask to see Hangar 18, you’ll get the condescending reply that it doesn’t exist and never has.

Listen and Tom and Don explain what DOES exist and how the Hangar 18 confusion got started. THEN listen to them tell the eerie story of the elevators that lead downward from the ground floor of the building.

DO NOT MISS this interview or their book Inside the Real Area 51. It is must reading!

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  1. Whitley said on C2C right
    Whitley said on C2C right before the Labor Day weekend that an astonishing UFO vid would be posted that week. When is it going to be posted?

  2. Patience in this case is a
    Patience in this case is a virtue.

  3. Actually I believe he
    Actually I believe he qualified it by saying something to the effect “that if all goes well…”

    1. Then I guess all did not go
      Then I guess all did not go well. Bummer.

  4. For those who can’t connect
    For those who can’t connect to roswell investigator, wont connect untill you redo link.It reads swww.roswellinvestigator instead of Thanks

  5. What I’ve never understood is
    What I’ve never understood is how the memory metal, which is said to be indestructible, came apart into all those pieces that were found at the Roswell site.

    1. That is a poser. Could it be
      That is a poser. Could it be that the aliens blew apart their craft deliberately, or was their propulsion drive so powerful (on some level) that it blew apart the craft without vaporizing the occupants? The second explanation would imply an exotic energy source of some kind.

  6. Fascinating interview.

    Fascinating interview.

    In the early 1970s, while living in NYC, I had a casual discussion with a someone at a pub down the street from my home. He told me about a new, little-known technology he was helping to develop at Bell Labs, in NJ. He literally drew a schematic diagram of fiber optics and explained that their use would be ubiquitous in the future.

    In another example, a relative of mine, while in the navy at the end of WWII, was sent to graduate school to get a degree in engineering. He later worked for Texas Instruments and helped to develop the integrated circuit.

    I have thought about these things all my life. It was only in later years that I discovered their possible historic significance.

    Do you suppose that we may all have “pieces of the puzzle” which draw our interest to this subject?

    1. Good stuff Beth!
      Good stuff Beth!

  7. The foul smell of alien
    The foul smell of alien bodies might explain why the aliens evolved to have no nose! 🙂

    1. hahahahaaaaaaa Mace… I
      hahahahaaaaaaa Mace… I never thought of that. LOL!

  8. According to the Legend, the
    According to the Legend, the powerful microwave radar weakened the craft…..

    1. Has anybody exposed Nitinol
      Has anybody exposed Nitinol to intense microwaves? Or maybe the microwaves affected the engine of the craft?

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