For years, there have been claims that various technologies such as Velcro and night vision equipment were back engineered from alien designs. But there was never anything definite to prove such claims.

Incredibly, Tom Carey and Donald Schmitt have found smoking gun proof that one certain substance that was found in the Roswell debris HAS been back-engineered and is now on the market and being used in some of our most sophisticated projects.

Listen as they describe this material, what it does, and, above all, why they are sure it started with Roswell. Their research is very thorough and convincing, presented at a high level of credibility. This is really exceptional information.

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Tom Carey and Don Schmitt have just published a groundbreaking and definitive book about the Roswell Incident that—incredibly—is full of new revelations and new research of the very highest order. For example, they have solved the mystery of "Hangar 18" at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

If you go to Wright-Pat and ask to see Hangar 18, you’ll get the condescending reply that it doesn’t exist and never has.
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