The idea that we are only bodies and helpless to affect the world around us with anything except technology has been relentlessly drilled into us to the point that we are completely victimized by this lie. But how do we defeat it? This is the first in a series of Dreamlands that cover this subject. This week, alchemist Marlene Seven Bremner joins Whitley in an deeply revealing and empowering discussion about what alchemy is, why it works and how to use it to effect real change. It is NOT a show about making physical gold out of lead or any of the many other myths that have all but buried this powerful and very ancient and, above all, practical approach to living a worthwhile life. Instead it is a way of approaching and experiencing art and life that is much more potent than our usual state of aimless passivity.

We are coming into a time when the entire human species is going to be desperate for change, but also will have nowhere to turn–or will it. Listen carefully to this wonderful show and discover a completely new way of seeing the world, nature, and the power of the human being.

Do not miss Seven’s great website, Once you listen to the show, go and look at some of the art that is there. Just open your eyes to it and silence your mind. A whole new way of seeing will emerge.

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  1. Wow! Looking forward to this later…I was so impressed the last time Bremner was on ‘Dreamland’ that I bought one of her artworks, ‘The Golden Pill’. I bought the perfect frame, and now hangs right over my computer and I look at it often and every day. It’s lovely, and also dominated by my two favorite colors. It inspires and empowers!

  2. Author

    I bought the Alchemy Series and had them framed. They are really excellent. I have them in my office beside my portrait of Anne.

    Seven is a real find for Dreamland. A genius, in my opinion and an accomplished alchemist. Not only is she creating what I believe to be the finest modern alchemical art, she knows her stuff, big time!

    1. Indeed , she does! For those that have studied all this, she knows exactly what she is doing. Has she met Leigh or Stash? That could be a fascinating round table!

  3. This was fantastic. Thank you so much! This show and last week’s made me feel more hopeful.

    The first thing they teach us when we go to school fr Asian medicine is Yin and Yang. Exactly the same as the understanding of the world Seven was talking about. I think I’m more attuned to alchemy already than I had realized. I was thinking of it, if I thought about it at all, as something far removed from my life and work, but I see it is much like the medicine and the shamanic worldview that’s already so familiar to me.

    I’ve been trying to work my way out of despair about the state of the planet lately by remembering that this physical world is only a manifestation, not the fundamental reality, and by trying to shift my perceptions of what is and what is possible. Seven is providing some guidance for that process.

    1. Also, I’ve been reading posts by Mark Macy, who is a pioneer in using technological means to communicate with the “dead.” So much of what he has experienced and written dovetails with what Whitley and his guests have been talking about here, and the current episode seems like a great place to drop some of his ideas.

      Particularly relevant:
      “Someday, when humanity’s ready to open dialog with the refined extraterrestrials flourishing in our galaxy, a similar set of solutions will make that possible:
      -Acknowledge that ETs communicate telepathically with refined thoughts and attitudes.
      -Work with gifted mediums or psychic channels who also are refined in their thoughts and attitudes, and who can be in silent dialog with the ETs.
      -Include individuals with powerful psyches (ITC dispositions) who are also refined in their thoughts and attitudes.
      -Make sure that everyone involved in the project resonates with refined thoughts and attitudes, keeping the communication bridge stable.
      -Do these things, and finer beings will facilitate and protect the project to help humanity graduate from a planetary species to a galactic species.
      -Foster conscious contact with the source (for example, with heart meditation), to make your personal resonance the finest it can be.”

  4. There are lots of fascinating guests on ‘Dreamland’, but some recent guests have resonated with me on a very deep level, and Seven is one of them. I get new insights from her, and also some new ones about myself. When she was asked about when she became interested in alchemy, it took me back to when I was a kid, less than ten years old. I was interested in alchemy then, although I didn’t realize at the time that’s what it was, and that it tied into other memories, other lives.

    Alchemical art, music, and literature is everywhere, and once you become well-versed in symbolism, you begin to recognize it. Seven does a particularly beautiful job with her work. The ‘Harry Potter’ series heads that direction, big time, and even throws in a real alchemist, Nicholas Flamel, for good measure, so no telling how many youngsters have been influenced by it. (Which is what had some parents up in arms about the series ‘messaging’, especially those of a certain religious bent themselves.)

    Dreams are a great resource, once you learn to remember them. So many people tell me that they don’t dream at all, or that they never remember them. They do tend to leave one’s memory quickly upon awakening. My partner and I talk about our dreams nearly every morning. Sometimes just verbalizing them helps me figure them out too, even when they seem to make no sense. I am unable to quickly write them down (legibly ) now, so I find this helpful.

    If you subscribe to Seven’s email list, and are interested her art, she will alert you to special events and and sales on her works too.

    I hope that Seven returns soon…Maybe a subscriber Zoom?

  5. Her art is indeed powerful, and I have the book wishlisted on Audible. More guests like this please Whitley 🙂

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