Steve Aspin is back with a complete mind-bender of a show about the hidden meaning of abductions and an intergenerational program. Steve believes that human sexual material has been being taken since the late 19th Century. Listen as he explains his surprising and convincing personal reason for this. As to why, it does appear that a community of people who have been affected by these interventions may actually exist. Popularly known as hybrids, they may be more like a genetically altered human species than one that contains a mix of human and non-human DNA.

Some intensely thought-provoking speculations in this powerful and unusual show!

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Note: we were not able to include the “alien image” mentioned in this show due to streaming platform restrictions. It is posted here.

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  1. About the musky smell: anybody remembers the recent reddit post by a biologist describing his work on alien bodies in a military research facility? He wrote that aliens eliminate waste through the pores of their skin. It could be the origin of that foul smell.

  2. Whitley, at 00:39 minutes into the subscriber video, there was talk of an alien (pixie) coming up out of a basement in Mexico.

    That image was not visible on the video feed.

    Would it be possible to post that image somewhere, or let us know where we need to go to view it, please? Thanks.

    1. Yes, i wanted to ask the same thing. Anyone have link to the picture Whitley mentioned?

  3. I enjoyed Steve Aspin’s stories and I do think the inter-generational factor needs a lot more consideration. I believe this has been ongoing through all of human history, but has intensified or become more conscious in the participants as humanity has lost touch with the Earth.

    Whitley described one of the most profound reports I have heard in a long time when he described the night a Visitor did not want a troubled boy becoming his son’s friend. The Visitor’s communication was in visual stories with emotional content, not words! When a species becomes self-aware, if they do not evolve mouth parts capable of many sounds and corresponding ears, then they would not develop the vocalization of words as a symbolic overlay upon their world view. Language is an asset, but it also creates an illusion by referring to the complex reality in a very dimensionally limited format. Humans argue and fight over words which often are not a very good representations of ‘reality’ and in most cases not even worthy of literary debate.

    Animal communicators use symbolic visualization stories very similar to the manner the Visitors were telling Whitley what they thought of the boy and his son. Indigenous people often act out stories to represent their highest wisdom and a lot of mythology conveys graphic images to the mind. The visual sense is primary for humans and the Visitors have large eyes. I postulate that sending an image with feeling is a better way of communicating with non-human intelligence than sending words.

  4. Author

    We weren’t allowed to put it in the YouTube video due to nudity restrictions. We’ve put it in the show description above.

    1. Nudity?! I don’t know where to begin. Is that the AI interpretation of it?

      1. Author

        There are nudity rules that we followed. FB had already removed it for nudity.

  5. FYI, the high quality and low-bandwidth download options are linking to the incorrect mp3s.

  6. OMG. Nudity vs prudity. Further evidence humans are ridiculous.

  7. I was so upset hearing about Audible not paying Whitley, I use audible and have bought and listened to several of Whitley’s books. It’s a truly enjoyable experience, even the ones I’ve already read, hearing them in Whitley’s wonderful voice makes all the difference.

    Then, this episode became much more real to me this morning, after I got a message from my apple wallet saying that my apple card had declined a charge from I was furious! It was my annual renewal that my apple card has successfully processed for the last 5 years, and now decided to decline?! wtf?!?! I messaged them and said it was a valid charge and please process the renewal asap!! We shall see… I will renew it one way or another.

  8. Firstly, great show. No, honestly, what a terrific discussion.

    We meet, though, so quickly, an impasse when it comes to the topic of a hive mind.

    To open up and reveal that one is is in constant contact, constant ‘Walton type’ ‘Goodnight John Boy’, ‘Goodnight Mary Ellen’ conscious contact is likely to serve one poorly.

    For instance, hearing and seeing major World events in advance is likely to be somewhat troubling, if not, downright dangerous. I mean, people talk in their sleep for crying out loud.

    If someone knew how to pipeline consciousness then surely all they’d need to do is surveill someone’s home? Or would the subject see them coming? Lol..?

    Were I in constant contact, I would be the last to ‘come out’, as it were. If I saw Caliban falling then I’d be unlikely to help, though I may.

    Like you, I have no desire to witness suffering, yet, in a heartbeat, I’d rather step in and help the afflicted; gazing into the mirror as I wiped away the tears.

    Now, I KNOW that my Waltons’ reference hit home with some people. Really hit home. We all know what ‘we’re talking about’ and we know how our voices change. If anyone wants to talk, then here I am.


    1. I remember the “Good night, John-Boy” thing, but I’m not smart enough to understand how it relates to today’s topic. Could you elaborate?

  9. Whitley’s theory that someone at Amazon, not necessarily the management, is suppressing authors like him because of their belief system sounds very plausible to me.

    Some years ago our NM state acupuncture association’s website was hacked and destroyed, and we were told that the perpetrators were a Pakistani group. I don’t know why they saw us as a threat to them– perhaps they thought we were pushing the Taoist religion and were therefore anti-Islamic. At any rate, they were going around wrecking websites that they thought went against their religious beliefs. Or at least that was the story we were given.

    I’d like to quibble a bit with the description of the being coming up the stairs in the Mexican office. Whitley said it could be seen to have a vagina. Actually, without laying it down and spreading its legs, we can’t see any such thing. It appears to have a cleft of some sort, but if there’s a vagina present, it isn’t visible, and it wouldn’t be on a human woman who was standing upright either. The most we can say is that the being MAY have a vulva. We know absolutely nothing about its possible internal structures.

    Still, this is very interesting, because if I understand correctly we don’t typically see any sort of genitalia on the grays.

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