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First Half Hour of Dreamland (Free)

This week on Dreamland, we turn the tables. Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report interviews Whitley Strieber on what the future holds. Whitley explains the significance of such things as the warming pattern now taking place in the Pacific Ocean, what the slowing Gulf Stream means and the problem of methane outgassing in the Arctic. He then discusses the significance of these changes in the context of how to create and retain wealth and live a prosperous life in the context of profound environmental change.

Second Half of Dreamland (Subscription)

Catherine and Whitley continue on discussing black swans and outliers. Could it be that there are powerful elements at some level that actually WANT the human population of Earth to decline? If so, who are they and can they achieve this chilling goal? Beyond the dark material we are looking at in the near future, though, there are some powerful scientific advances on the way. For example, you will find Whitley’s discussion of the fact that we might soon know for sure whether or not parallel universes are real to be absolutely thrilling. What might this mean? If they are real, can we come into contact with them?

An exceptional and unusual Dreamland, also available on the Solari Report.

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  1. At 41.00….(cell towers)
    At 41.00….(cell towers) after realizing that the cell comm is almost a full blanket over the world, I tend to believe that the “shield technology” described in the work, The Djed: confessions of a Crystal Master, is the same shield being employed as a communications tool. It was used to hold a “vibration” constant, disrupting or overriding the Schumann resonance. Wouldnt it be a hoot to discover that cell phone tech was gleaned from an other worldly source… a source that was changing the physical planet by disrupting its natural resonance to weaken the human race?
    HEHEHE ironic.

    1. considering how many are
      considering how many are daily walking around with eyes glued to those little screens, oblivious to the world, they are doing a good job weakening the race…

  2. Some of the most profound
    Some of the most profound statements and information Whitley has ever spoken. Especially in the second (subscriber) half of the mp3!

  3. Always look forward to
    Always look forward to listening to Catherine speak. Brilliant woman.


    Wayward sea lion pup found in San Francisco lost weight since release…..

    Records show Rubbish (Sea Lion Pup) lost 21 pounds in the five weeks since they released him. He’s another sea lion pup victimized by warming waters pushing the food supply out of reach. At this point, experts have ceased calling it a seasonal weather trend.

    “Oh, I think there is really good evidence that this is linked to global climate change,” said Johnson.

    Good evidence that means bad news for a generation of sea lions now suffering the consequences of global conditions beyond their control.

  5. Whitley and Catherine …
    Whitley and Catherine … great show. I have listened to you, Catherine for a couple years, and have learned a lot. The information you bring out is quite difficult for me to get my head around. Keep on saying and teaching. I will keep listening and looking up info to help me grasp it… and i will one day!

  6. Where is the subscriber show
    Where is the subscriber show with Catherine? Im logged in and don’t see it!

  7. James they combine the shows
    James they combine the shows for subscribers. so now you have to hear both shows back to back. Wasting our bandwidth.

    1. We made the subscriber
      We made the subscriber Dreamland a single show because there was a lot of demand for it. If you downloaded two halves, it would use up the same amount of bandwidth as downloading a single show of equal length, so it isn’t “wasting bandwidth.” In any case, if you don’t want to download you can stream either from this site or from the mobile site. Also, this gives more room for additional material in Special Interviews.

  8. Hey, I had a bad day. 18mb,
    Hey, I had a bad day. 18mb, lol,wasting bandwith. I need a sinckerdoodle. Wink. The show was a bit scary in that Whitley probably is correct about us dying out yet coming back stronger. Dan P still might disagree. One thing bothers me though. Whitley had a past life regression where he said he was leading people into some type of destruction. A book. He read it, but could not understand the words. And Whitley was a Roman. Weird stuff. But, I hope this time Mr. Streiber has got it right. I know I rely on his wisdom, but if I am wrong…He has sent us in the wrong path again, I suppose. Ed

  9. the paid subscriber material
    the paid subscriber material never disappoints especially when its Catherine and Whitley.

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