Have you ever had a bunch of small, odd experiences that added up to something paranormal and big? Did you wonder if it was you putting things together that didn’t fit to create meaning, or if there was an invisible hand leaving a breadcrumb trail of meaning for you to follow?
Author/experiencer Brian Short joins Jeremy Vaeni to discuss his lifetime of odd occurrences that brought him from UFOs seen in the sky straight into the underworld, as detailed in his fascinating book, The Seventh Dead: The UFO & The Underworld. Then, for subscribers, we take a look at what became of some of his experiences under hypnosis and discuss why he uses hypnosis at all, in what is sure to be a surprising and revealing twist.

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  1. Very wise perspectives. Thanks for sharing. Here is my thoughts right after listening:

    Is the Universe or some sentient presence dealing personally with me through synchronicity, dreams, and subtle intuition? Yes, That is my experience.

    Am I therefore very important? Yes.

    Am I any more important than anyone else? No, that would be absurd. No one is more or less important (death proves that).

    Therefore: YOU are very important (whomever reads this).

    1. Unless you happen to have conservative/libertarian leanings, at which point you are outside the ‘circle of universal unity’ as far as many on this board are concerned.

      1. I am not one to either judge or to stereotype ‘those on this board’ – especially not in political terms which are obviously dualistic and not accepting of the truth of the spectrum which humans are.

        I think that every living soul is important to the Sentient Mystery or whatever you wish to call the Totality. I used the term ‘the Universe’ as the ‘One Song’, the verb of everything in ever entwined transformations.

        1. In general I have a similar outlook to yours with respect to what you’re calling the Totality – everything, including perceived imperfections or whatever, has its place and purpose in the entire order. Every incarnate being has its perspective based on experiences and inborn nature. Unfortunately, from what I have observed over time, that is not the perspective of some folks here nor of the replacement host, for that matter.

  2. Please pay more attention to the sound quality. The guest sounded like he was far away in a phone booth calling in.

    1. Author

      About a week prior to the interview, Brian moved to Thailand. He did the interview from some sort of public internet space. Given that he had just moved, I was glad he made time for us all.

      Sometimes there’s nothing you can do and ya gotta roll with it, but honestly, I don’t think it sounds that bad. It just sounds like a normal built-in computer microphone to me. I’ve heard way worse via Skype on cable news.

      1. Okay, moved to Thailand a week before, that explains about the interview. I would be a little frazzled too moving to a foreign country a week before! Think I will get the book after all. Thanks Jeremy.

    2. Jeremy is obviously at the behest of his guests regarding their microphone and recording environment (to some extent)…so, as the expression goes, you can’t make chicken pie out of chicken ****. There is only so much you can do in post production to help the audio quality. I agree though it probably was just the built in laptop microphone, which is rarely going to give the best quality. The room Brian was in was interesting though…it clearly had egg shell type sound proofing foam on the top half of the walls but I can only assume they ran out of money for the bottom half, which still allowed the sound to reverberate quite a bit. You could construe my concentration on the wall coverings, as a lack of interest but actually, sticking with it, I thought it was rather interesting. Brian must be congratulated on his insistence on keeping one foot either side of that liminal space he was talking about. Stepping firmly to the side of that line and settling on a particular belief, can and indeed does, start to freeze free thought and a questioning mindset. To keep balancing on that tightrope, to purposely and honestly keep reminding yourself that you really don’t know, constantly rejecting the mental offer of a safety net, takes real effort. I’ve said it before but I think this type of mindset is crucially important, as it lays open the path for a genuine sense of awe, an open childlike being in the prescence of the unknown… and that awe, naturally begins to quiet the mind, which in turn let’s us start to glimpse something far more subtle but unimaginably vast behind it.

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    Superb free privacy add-ons. I no longer get targeted ads AT ALL. It can be done lol.

    Great show by the way!


  4. Deep and thoughtful interview full of applicable insights for the listener.
    Audio quality was fine on this end.

  5. Good to see you again Jeremy on Deamland. I really enjoyed the interview. Just ordered your book and you have incredible eyes Brian ..Are the two related I don’t know but there you go. All the best!

  6. We are only 15 minutes into this interview and I’m bored. I want to hear about the experiences of this guest more than the philosophy of the host and his views on what his guest ‘feels’ about extentionalism. I’d like to know why the guest moved to Thailand and what makes him a loner? Please make this interview more interesting and get to the ‘more relevant to the subject/content of his book.

    1. My thoughts exactly– I find myself getting bored. I think I would enjoy these interviews much more if experiences were related as the basis for discussions and if “philosophical” discussion was not so dominating. (In contrast, I almost never feel bored with Whitley’s interviews, I think because they are more balanced and almost always include interesting experiences– his or his guest’s.)

      1. I am glad to hear from someone who felt the same about being somewhat bored. And, I agree with you regarding Whitley’s interviews… they make all the points you would include in an interview. I also meant “existentialism” NOT ‘extentionalism’

    2. “Please make this interview more interesting”… that definitely had me chuckling.

  7. One of the reasons I want to read Brian’s book and enjoyed the interview is because I am one of those people if asked about the whole UAP/ abduction experience in my own life would have to respond “I don’t know,maybe”. I have had plenty of odd & unexplained experiences but I’m not one of those who with certainty like some could say yes. And yet over and over for years I’m drawn to places like Dreamland in an effort to understand. I don’t fit into the yes or no camp and sometimes I feel quite alone in trying to figure it out.This interview helped. Thank you.

  8. Very interesting and good interview. I got his book and am reading it now. It’s very layered, very complex and adds intrigue to what he talked about during the interview. By the by, I thought the sound quality was fine.

    1. That would be less of an interview and more like a quiz, I’m guessing? Not everything of interest is packaged in easily digestible bitesized chunks. I do get what you’re saying though and got the impression Brian wasn’t a massively experienced interviewee…but that is fine by me. I think he did a good job of articulating the subtleties of the subject he is attempting to navigate…it just took a bit more patience to listen too, that’s all.

      1. Well that explains my feelings — I’m not a patient person. I want nitty gritty, relevant questions asked and answered articulately, yes, but also keep it relatable please — I have apparently spent a few, too many lifetimes contemplating life from the top of a mountain. Let’s get to it – whatever ‘it’ might be.

      1. I’m anticipating the day when Whitely tells ALL the things he often just alludes to during these interviews.

    1. Both men have their contributions to make. I imagine that this works for Whitley, with Jeremy hosting every 3 weeks, because it gives Whitley a break. I imagine that it’s a bit of a grind to do a quality show weekly.

    2. I very much enjoy hearing Jeremy, have sadly missed his thoughtful interviews and super glad he’s back!

  9. Jeremy and Brian Short. So, I just watched, “The Seventh Dead: The UFO and The Underworld.” Three topics got my attention and because of them, I am posting a dream I had on 01/28/2023.

    You mentioned:

    01/28/2023: DREAM

    I am in bed and at the house where I grew up. A voice is calling me to come out to the back room. I do. Sitting in a chair across the room from me is my Grandfather E….. My older brother (now passed over) is sitting next to him. I go over and give him a hug, but when I do this, he morphs into My Uncle Oscar S….. (Uncle Oscar is the brother-in-law of my grandfather, Jennie S being his wife and my grandmother).
    That would be Uncle Oscars sister. Uncle Oscar starts to speak but my brother interrupts him and says, “YOU MUST SPEAK IN ENGLISH OR SHE WILL NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO SAY.”

    The man calling himself my uncle is NOT Uncle Oscar. This man has dark hair, long dark eyelashes and in his mid-fifties. I remember my uncle, and this is not him. Now my niece D (T’s sister) is speaking loud and interrupting people with her questions. I tell her to quiet down and let others speak. (D has pretty much been an outcast of the family, she has been doing drugs since she was a teenager). She has removed herself from family.

    Now the man has moved closer to where I am sitting. I look at him and ask, “WHO ARE YOU, REALLY?” He says, “What is it you are looking for?” I say, “In my life I have always tried to understand the higher mind and to help others do the same but now I want to understand what lies ahead for our planet. Humanity is suffering, the planet is suffering.” Then I ask, “Will you be there to help me do this, to bring understanding to humankind regarding the future, I feel we are about to lose the planet and all of humanity as well?” He is thinking, I can tell this, but he does not answer my question. I WAKE UP FROM THIS DREAM EXPERIENCE, IT IS 2:45AM.


    If this entity is the real deal, will he come back to me in a dream-like way?

    My Grandmother E experienced a lot of paranormal activity in her lifetime.

    1. Is this not the nature of the phenomenon… asking questions of us but with no definitive answers forthcoming?

      Do you really need him? Are you not enough already?

      1. Wondering if other people have intense dreams while enduring sinus infections? For me they have been ongoing through all of January and now February. I won’t post the whole dream from last night, only a snippet.

        DREAM: Again, with a friend and a few family members that have passed over.

        THEN: Back at the company I retired from…..A LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. A man dressed in a tan suit and with light brown hair is holding a meeting. He tells us that his adopted daughter had died from a gunshot wound. She was a bank teller, and it was an attempted robbery. BUT then he goes on to say his adopted daughter had constant UFO abductions and interference in her lifetime. He then pulls out her driver’s license and tells everyone here to look at her PHOTO ID. We do, she is ordinary looking and has blond hair/blue eyes. Then I ask, “Where did she live?” He says, “Look at the ID.” I do, and in large letters reads, MONT. (MONTANA?) She was 30 years of age. He then says, “People should know about of this.” I wake up from the dream.

        Could severe sinus infections with pressure around the eyes/face and throat drainage give us exaggerated dreams? Just wondering if other subscribers experience weird dreaming when the sinuses go crazy?

  10. At first I thought that maybe I wasn’t listening closely enough because I came away from the podcast without much of an idea about what the book would actually be like. But I see from some of the comments that I’m not the only one. The interview I think would be fine for someone who had already read the book, and especially if they are an experiencer with similar questions. But for me it seemed to be a lot of questions about how the author felt about his experiences without the listeners really knowing what those experiences where.

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