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Last December 4, we presented one of the most amazing Dreamlands in the history of the program when psychic Jamie Butler came on and channeled Erik Medus, a young man she has been in contact with since his untimely death. The next thing we knew, Anne Strieber had joined in, and Whitley experienced for the first time Anne asking questions from the other side. At one point, there were five people participating, three of them on this side of the veil and two on the other!

Now Jamie Butler is back to tell us more about herself and her work. She explains where it all comes from, what she does, and then—well, she and Whitley and Anne join together in a wonderful, fun and wise conversation that ends with a deeply touching surprise from Jamie.

Listen, wonder, enjoy!

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  1. You are always so generous
    You are always so generous sharing your experiences. Once again, thank you.

  2. A wonderful show this week.
    A wonderful show this week. The story near the end of the subscriber special was so beautiful and emotional. Is there a way to edit it into the free section of the show? It is a treat that should not be missed by anyone.

  3. This awakening reminded me
    This awakening reminded me that we constantly need reminding to awaken.

  4. As an aside, it’s not hard to
    As an aside, it’s not hard to compare, at least to a certain degree, awakening into a broader spectrum of experience and insight as the difference between watching a normal youtube video and THIS ONE:

    Enjoy, my friends.

  5. Amazing and uplifting. This
    Amazing and uplifting. This show was a gift – thanks to you both.

  6. another wonderful show. You
    another wonderful show. You are on a roll with more and more significant Dreamlands and I hope you continue. Believe me, if I was wealthy, I would help finance your endeavors. There must be wealthy listeners; please help Whitley continue this most important work.

  7. If we are subscribers and
    If we are subscribers and Dreamland listeners, we are wealthy, although we may be short on cash.:-)

  8. Whitley,
    I was right there

    I was right there with you all until the story of Ella. I don’t find that story believable because of the language Jamie used to quote Ella. 4 year olds do not talk baby talk unless they are severely neglected or something else is wrong. I don’t think Ella used that language and there may be some truth to Jamie’s story, but it is off somehow for me. I am a skeptic and have met a lot of self serving “psychics” as well as some real ones and I think Jamie is as honest as she can be, but not as confident as you think.

    I really enjoy dreamland and usually don’t have anything to comment but for some reason this really tweaked me. I agree with Jamie that we all have abilities that are trained out of us or shamed out of us as we are growing up and a lot of what she says makes sense so I don’t want you to think this is hate mail. It’s not, just me making an observation or sharing my thoughts about something that really bugged me.

    I hope you do find that way to live without being dependent on selling books and scrambling for money to keep this show going. I know it is a struggle most of us have in this current reality.

    1. I know it requires a massive
      I know it requires a massive leap of faith to take everything said on this show as 100% true, and I too struggle with it as it’s definitely unknown territory for most people, but if the search party found the body precisely where she said it was (after they’d already looked in the lake) and wearing the same swimsuit as described, then that’s pretty irrefutable. She also said her own daughter was the same age as Ella, a con-artist would likely crib a phrase straight from their own 4 yr old no? This is difficult stuff, and I don’t know if the facts can be verified, but why not make that leap of faith…what have we got to lose :0)

    2. I’m not buying this women at
      I’m not buying this women at all. Have any of you gone on YouTube and listened to her “channeling Erik” stuff? To me it’s utter nonsense. She claims to be talking to this kid who committed suicide, along with his Mother, who asks a lot of questions, and getting all the answers to anything you could want to know. Suddenly, this sassy, foul mouthed boy knows EVERYTHING! And better than that – he can go retrieve any dead person they want to talk to. Let’s see, he’s “brought”, to be asked questions by his Mom, through Jamie: Jesus, JFK, Sonny Bono, Abraham Lincoln, a tall white alien, Hitler, Bigfoot, Judas, Jack the Ripper and the coolest one – Mother Nature herself. And many others. Puleeze!!!

  9. voicing your experiences with
    voicing your experiences with Anne make me fill whole. There is more to life than just the earth

  10. I am amazed at how much value
    I am amazed at how much value I get from this site. it Is surely not just about lights in the sky. I am reading supernatural.

  11. This was a beautiful show,
    This was a beautiful show, thanks to you both.

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