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There have been major breakthroughs in 911 information recently, and as usual Jim Marrs is way ahead of the curve. In a recent Vanity Fair magazine, a devastating article told the general public the truth that Saudi Princes were indeed involved in financing 911 and outlined their connections to the Bush family. When this began to be found out some years ago, the five who were involved all died mysteriously. That’s just one of the facts about 911 that Jim Marrs and Whitley Strieber discuss on Dreamland today. Another is the fact that a US spy plane was recently chased out of China to Taiwan by the Chinese Air Force, causing another strain in relations between the two countries. But how strained are they, really. Listen as Jim offers his thoughts about a mysterious contrail that appeared off the coast of California last November–and how that may relate to a sudden power failure on a cruise ship passing beneath it. Dreamland this week: a MUST listen!

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  1. I like so many others knew
    I like so many others knew the events of 9/11 and the coverup was a conspiracy of epic proportions. After seeing so many like Whitney and Jim telling the truth while no one listened for 9 years, I wrote a novel called The 9/11 Conspiracy. While fiction it is based upon fact. I hoped it would provide another way of explaining what probably happened through the plot and conversations between characters. I wanted it to be easier for the average person to understand the true evil perpetrated against the American people, because it is just easier to believe the lies of that horrific event than confront a truth that is even more frightening. Please, go to for a list of links to websites that discuss in detail what Whitney and Jim have only touched upon. And please consider taking a look at the novel through links on the website to The website is

  2. Been studying the banking
    Been studying the banking system for years waiting for the rest of the nation to wake the hell up. And they are. Met a total stranger tonight who was fairly well-versed on the nature of the Fed, so the change IS slowly happening.

    HOWEVER…what I did not like about this interview, that I don’t have much tolerance for any more, is the fear-factor. Whitley and Jim are fantastic authors, great documentation, etc…BUT…after listening to the lunatic Christian radio for a decade, the fear-mongering Alex Jones and others promoting the pending judgement day, no food, etc BS, any time I hear more fear being promoted, it pisses me off and I re-focus. FOLKS, THINK ABOUT IT: If China were to knock out our grid, HOW are they going to recover the massive debt they depend upon us paying? WHERE are they going to find all the consumers they need to buy their lead-laden garbage? They NEED us folks, come on, common sense here. And I know enough people in our lousy govt to know even THEY will not allow a Chinese force of any kind to come in, regardless of the land buy-ups, contracts, commitments, debt, etc. All of that STILL depends upon the American worker and spender to make what they own worthwhile. I don’t read responses here folks, so if you need to “fight for your right to be afraid,” knock yourself out. I’ll be reading The Key.

  3. Now, one can’t help pondering
    Now, one can’t help pondering the value of considering that grand civilisation, (I won’t call Western civilisation ‘High’), rises and falls through the ancient, age old creator/destroyer societies. Controlled growth, wisely followed by controlled destruction.

    Just as a gardener tends to his Roses by cutting back some stems to encourage growth, so in Human societies of a grander scale, do ‘the builders’ oversee and orchestrate generational cycles of Human civilisation.

    Of course, no-one wants to be one of the affected stems trimmed back. Coming to terms with the age old wisdom of these engineered cycles leads to far greater understanding of the illusory nature of much Humanity is and does.

    It’s easier for me to come to terms with this as I’m not a parent and live a life free to the winds. The next two to five years may be fascinating to observe. What a time to be alive!

  4. Listened to both programs
    Listened to both programs last night. Good shows… and thank you for not using the C word! LOL

    Also, Jim’s been all over the place as of late. Congrats.

  5. Listening to the program now.
    Listening to the program now. Something has bothered me from the time I “woke up” to 9/11 truth. That is, where did the passengers go? Were any bodies ever recovered from the planes. A very frightening thought to me that I don’t even like to think about. If there were no passengers on the plane, where did those people go?

  6. I don’t know where you’re
    I don’t know where you’re going to find these people to vote in that will change the system, since you’ve already pointed out that people have tried and get shot.
    How many people have tried to make a difference and were intimidated or killed?
    It’s the hidden forces at the center that are manipulating everything that have to be destroyed first before anything will change…but who are they?
    No one knows who’s behind it or what ‘s really going on, so claiming we must “DO” something isn’t specific enough.
    Most of the laws and changes that are the problem, like the Federal Reserve, have originated without our agreement or even knowledge, so how can we be expected to suddenly change them when we never agreed in the first place…but they still get put into law and enforced anyway. So where is our power? What can we do?

  7. Re: Electro-Magnetic Pulse
    Re: Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) – As an electrical engineer, and having worked for years at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) on many of the sub-surface tests – I can tell you absolutley that the statements made are absolutely correct. I can not emphasize that enough and will say it again…….. The statments made are absolutely correct. IF you own a vehicle made before about 1975 your vehicle may work – earlier than 1970 will operate. Anything containing solid state CMOS circuitry will fry. An EMP of approximately 3-5 nano-seconds with a pico second rise time with a multi million electron volt potential will take it ALL out. My concern with using a vacuum tube radio (like the old 5 tube superhet) is that thehy will still be inoperative due to reliance on the power lines. If you have a generator, or an inverter (that converts 12vdc to 110VAC) – you WILL be in good shape – but its likely the entire power grid will fry due to its reliance on computers to run it. Suggest getting an old 5 tube superhet, and either a generator (that does not include CMOS logic) OR an inverter, again, that does not use CMOS solid state logic. The old 5 tube superhets are AM broadcast only, so an old micro-vacuum tube multi-band radio HF-VHF radio would be preferable. An EMP test was done by the AEC back in the early 60’s and most of Hawaii went dark – Remember – that was back in the early 60’s prior to the atmospheric test ban, and before the reliance on CMOS devices that have had occured.

  8. yes china is flexing its
    yes china is flexing its muscle, but remember this is only because this government want this to happen to impose for fear on the population and have even stronger patriot act to press this country down. people we are being manipulated beyong reality. i complain and i am fuming that this governemnt imposed act is still going on after 10 tens, along with the wars, yet our own government refuses to protect the borders after all this time. i believe in personal privacy, liberty and being self suffient. so if the government does a us citizen wrong (to any of us) they should pay the common man dearly! government and police are allowed to lie to its people! but people do not try this or you are crucisfied by the same law?
    i do think the 9/11 is very upseting and needs to get to the bottom of this! this is why i don not think government should be allow to keep secrets or black project going without telling it poeple, ( unless a declair war is stated and need is for it!!!) we do not have strong investigative reporters any loinger as in the past prior to the Kennedy assination…they are all contained in big congomerates company who is tied to government and rained in or lose their job. it a big rip off we are being handed. but the big government here is going to take the world kicking and screaming into what they think is best for us and best to controll the masses. fact or fiction…all better wake up to these major countries in on the plot and what they intend to do with us. discussing! fight now or lose all your rights later?

  9. about the subcriber section!
    about the subcriber section! if you would read the books ” the world tomorrow” or “world to come” by ruth montgomery explains the further and it is happening as she stated. as far as the money goes the barter system is the way out of government involvement with you and your services. however you try it and they frown on you for being self sufficient! none of the money problems are going to change till all the legal citizen only are allowed to vote. but i remember when the populace voted on term limits on congress and its white house officials. i remember: it passed but the frighten government went to court and got a judge to rule, it was unconstitutional for this, rejected the peoples direct desires, stating the people can go to the voters box and vote the person out. “is that not what we did?” the governement refuse to enforce it as judges would be next! so what is the point! this is why when foriegn country over through the ruling party they get rid of most all its lawyers, judges and government officials to try to start anew! kill the old corrupt ways!
    they keep the villest of prisoner alive who have commited unspeakalbe crime, that they caught red handed.n givbe me a gun and this problem is solved. yet the small time crooks they punish unmercifully with years of incarcersation. the state promote the mess we are in. illegals come here the crime people, tramp on us while they laugh at our laws protecting them. we can do nothing and are laws protect them? the same laws work against its own citizens! talk about screwed up government! they pput are border patrol in jail for shooting violators. unbelievable!
    i beleive we are all concerned, but it is the young generation that will change the world for the better. the old only wish to be left alone and do not take away their benefits as they have their world and are happly as is! what have we come to? you better pray the young listen to us speaking now. no country can survive with out one common languge for it citizens to all speak. i go to parts of this country and can not communicate…ridicluous that we have to have interputers to speak inside this countries borders!
    soon as the federal reserves take the money from the people and mostly the young, this will causes them enough problems…that is when they will riot in the streets for change as in the 60’s, like over the veitnam war and the injustices of the south. i can not wait to get this turned around and became the leading self sufficient country the world once looked up to…again!
    who was it that said: “learn your history for it will repeat iself, if you fail to keep watch over it closely.” they refuse to teach it in school to the young as they did us. dumm the young down! that is the governments plan!!! then they know not to rebell. shamefull are we all to let such a great founded country be dismantled by government officials who only care is to be reelected an have unlimited power of it people. where is thomas jefferson and the old boys when you really need them. gone???

  10. I would liked to have heard
    I would liked to have heard Jim Marrs on the Federal Reserve but Whitley was far too busy being Whitley. It is okay, I understand and I take it as a message to shut my own mouth.

  11. @Cynthia Klenk: Thanks for
    @Cynthia Klenk: Thanks for the info. Very useful.

  12. What I don’t understand about
    What I don’t understand about the so-called “new” weapon that would fry everything is after the Chinese unleashed it upon the US, then what? Since everything would be ruined, cars would clog all of the streets, highways right where they died. TV’s, fridges, computers everything we depend on ruined. Then the Chinese would do what exactly? Come marching across the continent? How? Trillions and trllions of ruined modern items that if piled up would form mountains of trash!!! Scary as all get out but highly improbable!!! It sounds like the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still!!! Yikes!!!!

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