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“It’s a cold, moonlit night in the high desert of southern Utah. On a lonely stretch of highway, a young soldier drives en route from his home in Idaho back to his base at Ft. Bliss, Texas. The date is February 20, 1959. Suddenly, there’s a brilliant flash of light in the sky ahead. He stares, spellbound, as it resolves into a strange glowing…something.”

Thus begins the strange story of airman Gerry Irwin, which has been extensively researched by David Booher. But what happened to Irwin? Was he an early abductee? Or was he the victim of a bizarre experiment in mind control?

Prepare to go on a twisty, surprising and even shocking journey with Whitley as he finds out from David what he has discovered.

You can reach David on Facebook at ForgottenEncounter.


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  1. I need help. Tech support. ..
    I need help. Tech support. .. finding it difficult to log in get the programing… what am I doing wrong? This happens every other week. Not every time. So I am confused

    1. Hi BMC, I’d try flushing the
      Hi BMC, I’d try flushing the browser cache first. Completely flush/delete all temporary files and cookies by going into your browser settings and CLEARING HISTORY. This will remove all old login cookies and temporary files. You may get the option to save current passwords, clearing them will only mean that you have to re-enter password at login pages again.

    2. Good Lord.! My mind is
      Good Lord.! My mind is spinning with magical possibilities as a result of listening to this show.

      This is why, in 15 years I have never regretted subscribing.

      This website and the work of the team have helped me in so many ways and on so many levels that it boggles the mind.


  2. Loved this interview and
    Loved this interview and discussion. Top show.

  3. It’s both physical
    It’s both physical ,metaphysical, and spiritual. All of the above. Nothing new!

  4. As usual my mind is just
    As usual my mind is just swimming with all the concepts presented and the thoughts that come to mind after listening to your interviews Whitley.

    Everyone, please try and recognize the monumental capabilities of those behind these phenomena that we are studying. Too often I get the impression that mankind believes we can dissect and discern what is happening by using our intellectual abilities and come to to terms with what is being observed.

    I’m afraid we cannot, THEY are running the show. It is their game and not ours, and they are able to change the rules as they see fit. We as humans need to stop thinking that we are the apex of all intellectual pursuits and given enough time and effort we will understand all aspects of what is happening.

    The visitors deserve our respect, and we seem to have something they want. Anything else is like a lab rat trying to understand (and explain) why we keep running through the same maze. Can we even begin to understand the purpose?

  5. In case this helps, it’s 2:37
    In case this helps, it’s 2:37 pm CT on Saturday and I was able to log in and download both of these. All OK here.

  6. The free Dreamland streaming
    The free Dreamland streaming and download are fine but when logged in, the streaming doesn’t work on the mobile or full site and the MP3 button file can’t be found on the mobile site…at least the download link works on the full site.

    Now back to listening to the show 🙂

  7. The streams and downloads

    The streams and downloads should all be working now. If not, let me know at

    This is getting to be a regular weekend ritual. The streams work on Friday, somebody alters them on Saturday.

  8. This case echoes the Maury
    This case echoes the Maury Island incident in some respects. And both cases suggest the presence of a force that can move in and out of political/governmental circles to influence them and at the same time further their own agenda independently. I like the idea that Noah’s descendants who were given control of the known world in Genesis 10 managed to establish lots of independence to control governments and technology with the intent that they are the rightful owners of this world according to their ancestors’ scriptures and are entitled to do anything thy want to the rest of us inhabiting their world where we happen to live. They established mind control of the masses in the guise of religion early in their reign of terror.

  9. My son is a physicist, and he
    My son is a physicist, and he deserves to have more support for his work and education than I can ever give him. I would like to see him to be in collaborative effort with others of like mind to “reach the stars”. I know perhaps it is too late for me to be in this group of brilliant minds, but my heart would love to see my son working and progressing in his chosen field of physics.

  10. Despite many contradictory
    Despite many contradictory reports about the Maury Island UFO incident, real effects in the lives of experiencers of that case and Gary Irwin’s point to manipulation to cause duress for the experiencers. FBI notes in the Maury Island case say one witness said he would say it was a hoax because he didn’t want any more trouble while somebody made an anonymous call attempting to publicize the event. These notes are contradictory.

  11. well, that was some mind
    well, that was some mind control. (close encounters of the 3rd kind, yeah)
    my personal experience was this: i had a dream about a large room full of tables. there was 1 person per table in this blue lit room. A doctor in a lab coat was checking them. I was hiding behind a brown recliner when the people came to life. General idea…zombie fest.
    I woke up shaken. I sat on the edge of the bed to get my bearings. I stood and walked into the living room. I saw several, 4 or 5 greys wearing what looked like blue turtlenecks. They were busying themselves on what could have been instruments inside a ship. Ok, heres the kookie part: they looked like reflections in a glass window, translucent! I was so excited to see them, i began to point at them saying, “I see you!”
    After repeating that several times one zipped over to me and it was like looking into high beam headlights.
    I found myself in bed again. I bolted up and rushed to the living room. Gone. they were gone. i reported the same incident on Jeremy’s show. Its not earth-shattering, but it was my experience. I would think that was a whack in the mind control. They just turned me off. end of story.
    thanks Whitley & David. cool storytelling. now the crazy discovery of that missing year…And why the military didnt go after him after his re-emergence?

    Personal note: would this be a “manchurian candidate” kinda thing? Like the last several years of what appear to be average folk suddenly step into the limelight, guns blazing?

    Interesting show.

  12. This story touches on why I
    This story touches on why I may feel a bit anxious now when I see a single white light come down and follow me, then fade away, I may disappear or something else. Though after all these years nothing bad has happened to me that I know of. I guess I’m more afraid of people trying to keep this secret than these “visitors”.

  13. Why are my comments being
    Why are my comments being eliminated? I did nothing to deserve being blocked.

  14. Whitley,
    I am sure you are


    I am sure you are being mentally messed with and controlled in some circumstances based on a very dismissive response you sent to me in email concerning a question I had. You seem to be someone who is thoughtful about your response but there are certain areas that cause some kind of dissonance. It is a good line of questioning about how we are controlled when some one thinks we know something that could blow their “cover” or cause attention and unwelcome questions.

    I have had experiences that feel like some kind of manipulation that includes temporary memory loss that causes me to react differently than I would had I remembered something. Also, the harassment I have received when I point things out to people who are obviously controlled or “possessed”. (not going in to that now because there is no rational reason I would think it is real, since I am labeled a “science nerd”).

    I enjoy your dreamland interviews and have been a subscriber for years, and plan to continue to subscribe.


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