Famed astrologer Ray Grasse returns with a totally new vision of what might herald the coming of the visitors, what this has to do with the planets, and when it might happen. Over the years, there have been many claims regarding the date and reasons that the visitors will finally make themselves known. Many of us have the sense that something important is on the horizon – could this really be it?

Then, Whitley and Ray discuss the incredible discovery of a new Roswell witness to ANOTHER crash and what the year 1947 has to do with both the appearance of the Nag Hammadi manuscripts AND the Roswell Incident.

We often hear of the present described as “uncertain times” – but perhaps some chaos is needed to allow everything to fall into place.

Ray’s insight, predictions, and deep understanding of the subtleties of the human journey offer a valuable window into what the future may hold for us.

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  1. I love watching your interviews on YouTube. I don’t know how, but the Skinwalker Ranch crew has YouTube videos that can only be accesses via their website after logging in. It would be awesome if your web person could set this up for you too.

    Thank you for being you.


    1. I don’t see it, either? Are we too eager and it still needs to be posted?

    2. Duann, did you see that the subscriber link is now on this page?


    So, on Wednesday of this week my brother called to tell me that he and my sister-in-law plan to visit their granddaughter in the fall. She lives in Colorado. G-daughter’s mom (my brother and sister-in law’s daughter) wants to stay, at least for one night, at the ‘STANLEY HOTEL.’ My brother and his wife say, “ABSOLUTELY NOT.” I was thinking of this conversation as I listened to the interview. Thought this film to be synchronistic to the shadow side being discussed???


    The Beatles – Let It Be

    1. Oh, just go, it looks amazing.

      Having recently spent a couple of nights in a Glastonbury hotel with disembodied torsos floating around, passing through my bed and then hovering in front of my face as I tried to swipe them away in angst, I’d say get on your horse and go.

      What could possibly go wrong?

      1. VON HAUSENBERG…….You certainly are a brave soul and such an encouraging post.

        1. Not brave at all, just scrambling through all this like everyone else.

  3. The release on the subscriber only RSS feed is only one hour long and has ads. FYI

  4. Talking about dates and Roswell…apparently, after being taken some crash debris, the local sheriff called Roswell Army Air Field, which assigned the matter to Major Jesse Marcel…this effectively made the finding public, or at least to a much wider audience on 7th July 1947, so 7/7/7….that date can’t be a coincidence, right?

  5. Great show as ever; though just as Patrick and Duann, this is the abbreviated version with ads in Subscriber realm.

  6. Maybe the significance of Planet X is that it can’t be found. Interestingly, Crowley disciple and expositor Kenneth Grant also associated the existence of an unknown to be discovered planet with the UFO phenomenon. Crowley disciple Peter Levenda, who has appeared on Dreamand, has also written a book on Grant entitled The Dark Lord. Maybe the new planet will be called Lam. 🙂 Aquarius also signifies Space and Uranus, AI, as the guest mentions.

  7. Ok guys so sorry! Click on the downloads and you will find what you’re looking for, additional time & ad free, really great stuff too. Thanks SHERBET UFO (who’s comment clued me in, haha!)

    1. Author

      The full video has now been posted and will appear when you click on the subscriber video link. Sorry for the mixup.

  8. Fantastic show. However, Mr Grasse predicts big changes coming around 2034. Based on what we are currently seeing with Global Climate Change I am not so certain there is going to be a 2034.

    1. Actually, Stanley, the Uranus cycle I was referring to there starts as early as 2030 or 2031 – but there are quite a few other planetary cycles taking place besides that one, and some do involve the environment. (Uranus has a bit more to do with technology and social change. The last time that one came around was around the time of Roswell, the formation of the U.S. Air Force, major developments in computer technology and atomic weaponry, and big changes in India and China, among other things.)

  9. Author

    He’s been accurate about a lot of things in my life, but I have to admit to 2034 seems awfully far away given the situation that we face right now. I’m really wondering about the summer of 2023 frankly.

  10. On the topic on the Beatles–and of interest I would think to most of your subscribers–John famously saw a UFO at close range on the balcony of his New York apartment. He noted it on his “Walls and Bridges” album–you can find an interview with him about it on Youtube.

    Also, I’ve always thought it was interesting that John, seemingly joking (but perhaps there’s more to it), claimed the band’s name came to him from the mouth of a man who appeared before him on a “flaming pie.” Paul later put out an album called “Flaming Pie,” which happens to be great.

    I wouldn’t doubt one bit that John, like many other artists, was a contactee.

  11. On the topic on the Beatles–and of interest I would think to most of your subscribers–John famously saw a UFO at close range on the balcony of his New York apartment. He noted it on his “Walls and Bridges” album–you can find an interview with him about it on Youtube.

    Also, I’ve always thought it was interesting that John, seemingly joking (but perhaps there’s more to it), claimed the band’s name came to him from the mouth of a man who appeared before him on a “flaming pie.” Paul later put out an album called “Flaming Pie,” which happens to be great.

  12. When I log in from Australia I always get the message that there is something wrong with my subscriptions. I usually ignore it as I can get in anyway but this time when I tried to get in as a subscriber it played the audio as if I was not a subscriber but if I went to the video it did play the full 1.30 mins. Can this be fixed?

    1. I’d delete existing browser cookies and browser cache then reboot Mary.

      Whichever browser you’re using, this is simple to do. Just delete history (make sure you don’t delete passwords or logins, should be an option to uncheck those from cleaning menu) and cookies.

      Reboot and hopefully it’ll be sorted. If you are using a VPN or running through proxies then try resetting the server, if not then don’t worry about those.

      If this doesn’t help then personally I’d go ahead and delete existing logins and passwords even though it’s a pain typing them all back in.

      Hope this helps.


  13. Another sterling show. I’ve always wondered about the Beatles being channels of a higher evolutionary energy too.

    While younger, all that glamour seemed amazing, plus the wealth of course. Then, also, you slowly realise they’ve just struggled in different ways, perhaps more than the rest of us, who knows?

    Anyway, we get by and we start opening our eyes and ears and the harvest is ready for us at the right time. Is that time decided by us or another system above us?

    Terrific stuff. Good old astrology, just when you think you have it all worked out and it’s safe to go back in the water, along comes astrology, with its deep sense of humility and reminds us to step back in line and enjoy being patient.


  14. Ray Grasse is the finest astrologer I know and a dear friend. I encourage everyone to read his books and schedule a reading.

    He mentioned Wounded Knee. After 130 years, the artifacts and remains taken by the grave diggers there are about to be returned. As Ray alludes to and Peter Champoux has told us, the return of these sacred treasures will shift the ley lines and sacred sites in the Dakotas. Historic trauma can begin to heal and planetary energy can return to its normal flow.

    1. What happened to native Americans after Europeans colonised the Americas was awful.

      I’m a Brit but native American spirits have come to me and, I suspect, saved me years ago. I wasn’t ill, I just went to bed but awoke to see a rippling water-like lotus flower before me. I then heard a native American, first American, chanting and stamping his foot, I think to bring me back. I’ve never fully understood what happened but I now wonder if suffering is one of the gateways to the life above us, a purification that none of us seek.

      Bless their hearts for what was done to them but grace upon them for what they have become.


  15. I am a paid subscriber and signed in but can only access the free interview. I am hearing all of the ads.

    1. Subscriber here too but, you know Mia, it’s a funny thing, I’ve come to enjoy the humourous segways into the non-subscriber adverts.

      The wryer the intro, the more I enjoy it. Sure it could be regarded as a pain but the way Mr strieber does it always tickles me, fair play.

      1. Thank you Von Hausenberg. I was interested in hearing the rest of what Ray had to say. Great interview.

  16. Hmm, I’m sure it’s my mistake but wasn’t a video meeting scheduled for today?

  17. Author

    No meeting scheduled for today. We don’t have many during the summer because of low attendance.

    1. Ah, understood Mr Strieber, got my wires crossed. had a tough night. Dream encounter with an orange tailed moth/bee/spider that scared the heck out of me, leaving me distant all day.

      Never saw an insect build a geodesic dome shaped structure before. Yes, sounds odd but, well, here we all are.


  18. In middle school, I wrote a short play for class called Planet X. I wish I could remember the details of it.

    1. Hi Carollee, firstly, Cosmic has recently posted on Twitter, so hopefully everything is fine.

      Secondly, regarding the cropcircle you linked to, there seems to be some obvious Masonic symbolism going on there, with the overlapping square and compasses.


      “Both the square and compasses…” “…are architect’s tools and are used in Masonic ritual as emblems to teach symbolic lessons.”

      So, the question is, Carollee, what symbolic lessons might the architects of these cropcircles be trying to convey?

      1. SHERBET UFO…….Thank you for all of this information, it is much appreciated.

  19. For me it appears that the astrology of the constellations was more about a long term count calendar- every 2000-2200? years. Examples are the age of Leo was when the original sphinx was built, the old testament has references to Rams all over it and of course Pieces is the fish of Christianity, and Aquarius has yet to be determined. I don’t buy the everyday “predictions” of our birth signs… it all seems so random, and yet personality traits do swirl around birth signs (Gemini here…) But why would anyone need a long term 2000 year count calendar? There is so much of this that seem to be subjective and interpretive.
    I did look up and binge Midnight Mass and there are subtexts to secular and religion.. its also an unusual horror tale set on some fishing island… not the typical slash and blood tale.. thx for the Netflix recommendation! 2034? seems far off… many predict a Carrington event in 2026 and even worse the 2034 date….makes me wonder… cripes that only 12 years folks! I’ll have to re-listen to the podcast to catch that vibe again- Linda Howe’s Buddy B. remote viewer is also seeing an event in 2034… If memory serves its a massive solar flare or something climatic???? But we also bought all the 2012 & 2000 & Y2K hype also… so its another grey fuzz for me….. Good work!

    Beatles: That was interesting and the Dark Rolling stones.. but no mention of Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and His fascination with the occult…and Ales tier Crowley- even buying his old castle!

  20. Hi- am I missing something- I can only find the “free” interview…? I’m a subscriber- actually just finished the new audiobook version of Communion, which was excellent- but how do I view the full interview here? I’ve tried several links but they all have ads and cut off after one hour, 6 minutes I think it is….?

  21. Author

    The free version was accidentally pushed to the subscriber feed. Please log out, clear your browser’s cache, and log in again. When you click on the subscriber version, you should hear the whole thing.

  22. There seem to be a number of dialogs that float around the scientific community that must be in the public domain because they almost seem scripted, and part of this interview certainly seems like one of them. I get a weird sensation of deja vu when this happens. I don’t think I’m going mad, but I don’t know how else to explain them other than theorized above. I can’t always determine when or where I’ve heard such things before, but I almost always recognize when they happen. Perhaps in a dream, but somehow I doubt it. I’d like to know if there’s anyone else who has experienced this because I’m very curious.

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